Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What did you dream about last night..?

Well, I had two dreams last night (three, actually - the third one was forgotten). They are all weird. :P I've been having a lot of weird dreams lately...

Anyway, here they are:

1. It was evening and my dad and I were the only ones awake. The scene is taking place in a bedroom. The visible things were a desk, chair, lamp, and a laptop. The lamp was turned on and I was surfing the 'net with the laptop. My dad was watching me from behind. Then, all of a sudden, I found out that all my accounts got hacked (including my e-mail address). The hacker turned out to be someone from KHQ. With that, I began to cry and thought about my Facebook applications. The dream ended with me regretting all the progress I had acquired in the games...

- dream end -

2. The second one took place during the early morning hours. I had just got back to the dormitory to sign in. Ate Lourdes was the one I was talking to. She asked me about my clearance so I took it out. Then I saw that it wasn't signed by my parent. I felt really nervous until she assured me that it was alright. I was immediately relieved.

After organizing my things, I got ready for class. I was wearing jeans, a white shirt, and rubber shoes. I went out of the dormitory. The sky was a monotonous gray. Since my first class took place at the Gym, I decided to ride a Toki jeep (In my dream, the dorm was in a different place). I hailed one and got in. My highschool classmate, Joshua, and two other students were there. I dunno how the heck he got there but he was there.

The jeep moved a few meters and then it stopped to wait for passengers. For some unexplainable reason, I went out and began to help two passengers ride the jeep. I was about to look for more students when, suddenly, the Toki left. I ran after it but to no avail. *sighsighsigh* So I decided to run all the way to the Gym.

Upon arriving at the Gym, I immediately went to GBR, my classroom for Scrabble. On the way there, I passed by some teachers who were taking pictures. Some of them were sitting on rocks beside what seemed like big, fat worms. One teacher was clicking away. I was disgusted by the appearance of the worms so I ran back to the entrance and found Regina there. I told her my dilemma and she lent me Joshua's number. I called him and found out that he was outside in the waiting shed. Regina and I went there. I asked him about my bag and he said that they were in the Main Library so we should go and get them. We were about to go when we saw Mrs. Magat (our highschool principal), Carmine, and one other student sitting on a table. We stopped to chat with them for a bit.

From somewhere behind us, we all heard the sound of frightened students. It turned out that a terror teacher was there (she actually looked like the actress, Dexter Doria). We ran off to different directions while Mrs. Magat stayed where she was. I grabbed Carmine and we entered the nearest classroom, locked the door, and tried to turn off the lights but they kept turning on and off, like disco lights. We let that be and waited for what seemed like an eternity. I could feel my heart pounding on my chest. Finally, the door was being opened (can't figure out how since we locked the door) by the terror teacher. We gasped noiselessly and waited.

The teacher opened the door and went in. When she wasn't looking, the two of us ran out of the room and walked stiffly away. As we were passing the room, we passed some students who were taking a Chemistry test that turned out to be really easy. Laude (my roommate) was among them. They were talking to themselves because their teacher wasn't looking. Carmine and I continued to walk away...

- dream end -

So weird, ne?

(Ooh. I just noticed. Some of my previous posts have questions as their titles. *shrugshrugshrug*)

Monday, December 28, 2009

What's on your watchlist?

Here's a list of the movies I want to see next year:

1. Sherlock Holmes

- Should I even explain this? Well, first of all, Sherlock Holmes is my favorite fictional detective. I mean, no one can help but love him. Haha! According to reviews, it's a great movie. They also say that Robert Downey, Jr. played the role well. I'm also looking forward to the action sequences, something different from Doyle's style (in the books, there was only a little mention of Holmes' fighting abilities).

I've been waiting for this all year and here it is, finally! It's my first Sherlock Holmes movie and I am not about to miss watching in theaters even at the expense of not eating all week. XD

2. Alice in Wonderland

- Johnny Depp looks awesome in the movie. It would also be nice to see Alan Rickman (Serverus Snape) playing Caterpillar. :)

3. Hanamizuki

- This Japanese movie stars two of my favorites: Aragaki Yui and Ikuta Toma. I have no idea what the story is but just the actors are enough to make me feel like watching it.

4. The Lovely Bones

- It's based on a book and it's a nice family movie with lots of drama. It's going to be fun watching this.

I would also like to purchase the book. :)

5. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

- This movie has Heath Ledger and it focuses on dreams, I think. It's full of magic and fantasy - two of the things I want to see in the arts.

6. Where the Wild Things are

- I only want to watch this 'cause my English 11 professor required us to. If she didn't, I would not watch this. Ever... Even if she says that it's a wonderful story. I only see a spoiled Carol.

7. Valentine's Day

- I'm not one for romantic, chick flicks but since this one stars Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, I'm going to watch it. XD

8. The Spy Next Door

- It's a Jackie Chan movie!

9. The Last Airbender

- Yay~ Aang and the gang in a live-action movie! The kid who plays Aang is so cute! XD

10. Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

- No matter that the two previous movies weren't that good. This is my favorite book from the series so it's worth watching. I hear that there are new things in it so quality and accuracy might improve.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Movie Review - Facing the Giants

Rating: 8/10

It's a nice and inspiring movie about a football coach that has had numerous fall backs in the past. However, because of the grace of God, he was able to overcome these problems and lead his team to victory. The movie is uplifting and I like the way it was done. However, I have seen this format too many times that it's growing old.

On the other hand, it's a movie that you'd like to see if you're in the point where you feel so low and that no one's there to help you. :)

What did you eat..?

Soooo... Last Tuesday, I weighed a hundred and ten pounds. Last time I checked (which was last night), it was a whooping 118 pounds! (!!!) How'd that happen? LOL. So here's a list of stuff I ate for the past week (not always in chronological order):

December 20, 2009 (church Christmas party):
one serving of potato salad (egg, ham, cheese, potato, mayonnaise, lettuce, apple, etc.)
a piece of beef steak
two pieces siomai
3 pieces chicken fillet
two cups of softdrink

December 24, 2009 (evening):
2 pieces California maki
4 pieces of beef
2 servings of salad (ham, cheese, lettuce, some vegetables I forgot, mayonnaise)
3 pieces of barbecue
a spoonful of ube
a spoonful of leche flan
3 pieces of glazed ham
2 cups of softdrink
pieces of roast beef and chicken
3 servings of tropical chicken
fruit salad

December 25, 2009 (afternoon to evening):
2 servings of beef steak
3 or 4 servings of fruit salad
a glass of ice cream
a serving of tokwa't baboy
3 oatmeal with raisin cookies

December 26, 2009:
beef steak (x2)
rice (x3)
Ika Fry
sauteed vegetables
cheese french fries
creme de la creme in a mini cone
a serving of fruit salad
cashew tart

Ho ho ho! Looks like gaining weight is easier than losing it. And it's easier said than done. There goes all the diet and exercise. XD


Today, my bebz and I went to SM City Clark to spend our money. :)

First off, we ate at Karate Kid. I ordered Ika Fry. Carmine ordered Teppanyaki and Regina had Ramen. It was so yummy! I loooooooove Karate Kid!

Then, we went to the department store to shop. I bought a blouse from Bum while they bought some blush-on. Loooovely~

After that, we searched for books in Booksale. LUCKY DAAAAAY~ I finally found Emily's Quest by L.M. Montgomery. So far, I only saw it for sale in Fully Booked. It's a relief to find a cheaper copy. The book cost me 80 pesos but it's worth it. After Booksale, we went to National Bookstore.

Then, we went on a food trip. First stop is Potato Madness. That cost us 35 pesos each. Then, Regina bought some ice cream. Soon after, we spotted a new store: Amazing Cones. They serve pizzas in a cone. We bought minis. They had pizza in their cones. I chose Creme de la Creme because it sounds yummy... And it is! Yum yum~

After that, we went back to Angeles City to look for more clothes in 268 Shopper's Mart. I bought a blouse (85 pesos) and a white belt with designs (100 pesos). My two bebz also bought blouses.

Altogether, it was a fun-filled day. We hadn't gone out in months and it's a relief to spend this day with them. Thank you, bebz, for making this day special~!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Book Review - Timeline by Michael Crichton

Rating: 9/10

The novel is great, as to be expected of Crichton's prowess. The world he created is interesting and frighteningly realistic. The plot is easy to follow and the scientific explanations are short but precise. The only thing I find unnerving is the pattern he uses in this novel. Nonetheless, it is a great book and a great find. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

S-s-s-s-hopping mishap!!

Yes, people! Haha, LOL!

Okay. This morning, we were walking around the department store. My sister and I were looking at the lamps and spotted a lava lamp. We were excited so we toyed around with it. My sister told me to flip it over, so I did. XD And then the bulb fell... I picked it up quickly and replaced it on the lower half of the lamp. But the saleslady saw it and walked over. She examined it and later told us to pay for it. It costs 400 pesos. (OOOOH MY~) Good thing I was bringing 500 pesos. :D My dad asked her why we should pay for it because it didn't break. (SWEAR~!!) Then she told us it was because the water got murky and there were bubbles on top. We were like, "EH?" But still, we paid for it. :P

Now it's beside me and we're waiting for the cutesy circles to form. XD

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kalai Gives Back

I attended the first part only, but it was fun. Absolutely, it was better than the Acquaintance party. I enjoyed the performance of the UPSA - UP Singing Ambassadors. Their voices are so nice and ethereal (I just love that word). I thought they were going to be the final performers but they weren't. Actually, they sang first. It's soooooo lovely!

I also liked the part when the Kalai maintenance and staff sang. I actually heard them practicing a while ago. See, their "practice place" was just outside our window (actually below, since we're on the second floor). It was really nice to see them on the stage, belting out to the tune of Christmas songs. It was also nice to see Ate Lita back. Aww. She may not be our floor's janitress but we missed her (I'm sure it's the same with my floormates).

The event wouldn't be "Kalai gives back" if there weren't any benificiaries, right? The proceeds of the ticket sales (which is a required 10 pesos per person) will go to the noche buena package of the Kalai maintenance and staff, including the lady guards. Plus, some of it will also go to a project of the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice. I forgot the name but it had something to do with feeding kids for 3 months with a 3,000 peso donation. Fun!

The Kalai dance group also performed. I couldn't see them, though, 'cause we were in the back row and some of the residents were standing up. :P

So, yes. I'm in my room right now, typing this up. They're holding the second part downstairs, at the basketball court. There's singing from the 3rd floor boys, I think. I don't like concerts that much so I'll stay here and wait for it to end... That'll be the start of the GAddesses Christmas Party. XD

All in all, I enjoyed my stay in Kalai for the year 2009. With the first release of Kalaibasa this January and the annual Pasafest, there's lots of things to look forward to in the next year. See ya~

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hum. This is a random post, no? I'll make this short and quick. :D

First of all, I tripped this morning on my way back to my room. Yeah. Clumsy and all. Haha. But I didn't get scraped or something...

I'm creating another layout and this time it's Kogepan-themed. Well, I sort of put off the woman thing.

I don't know what day I'll go home this week. Friday? Or Saturday?

I think I'm going to miss my first Lantern Parade. Instead, we'l watch Ligligang Parul on December 19, 2009 at Robinson's Starmills in San Fernando. :)

Oh, and from now on, I think I'll be posting my expenses for the week. Haha!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tonight I can write the saddest lines by Pablo Neruda

This is a poem we read for English 11. It's a sad, sad poem and I really love it. Here it is:

Write, for example,'The night is shattered
and the blue stars shiver in the distance.'

The night wind revolves in the sky and sings.

Tonight I can write the saddest lines.
I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too.

Through nights like this one I held her in my arms
I kissed her again and again under the endless sky.

She loved me sometimes, and I loved her too.
How could one not have loved her great still eyes.

Tonight I can write the saddest lines.
To think that I do not have her. To feel that I have lost her.

To hear the immense night, still more immense without her.
And the verse falls to the soul like dew to the pasture.

What does it matter that my love could not keep her.
The night is shattered and she is not with me.

This is all. In the distance someone is singing. In the distance.
My soul is not satisfied that it has lost her.

My sight searches for her as though to go to her.
My heart looks for her, and she is not with me.

The same night whitening the same trees.
We, of that time, are no longer the same.

I no longer love her, that's certain, but how I loved her.
My voice tried to find the wind to touch her hearing.

Another's. She will be another's. Like my kisses before.
Her voide. Her bright body. Her inifinite eyes.

I no longer love her, that's certain, but maybe I love her.
Love is so short, forgetting is so long.

Because through nights like this one I held her in my arms
my sould is not satisfied that it has lost her.

Though this be the last pain that she makes me suffer
and these the last verses that I write for her.

- Pablo Neruda

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Movie Review - Il Postino (1994)

Rating: 9/10

Il Postino tells the story of a postman who befriends the exiled Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda. It's a touching tale of friendship and love that will touch anyone's heart. This is one of my favorite movies. :)

Today is...

PIG out day.

Whoa yeah. You read that right. I've been trying to somehow lose the weight I gained from three (?) weeks vacation with walking to and from my classes. Well, it's all been put to waste today. I still feel so full. But I don't feel like burping. Meh.

Anyway, here's some of the stuff that I ate:

2 plates of pancit
macaroni salad
a slice of White Forest cake with lotsa white chocolate

pancit palabok
5 to 6 pieces of squash tempura (yummy!)
sauteed veggies with strips of ham
4 pieces of lechon manok
two small slices of cassava cake
a glass of RC Cola

1 piece of roast beef
3 pieces of beef with gravy
chicken fillet (I got teh one with the wishbone!)
buko pandan
1 glass of Coke
(Again... NO RICE!)

Yup yup. ^^,

*pats stomach*

Not to mention that we had a little dinner party last night for my birthday. XD So faaaaaaat...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two is better than one (Tagalog)

So yeah. After some moments of extreme meditation, here it is.

Unang stanza:
Naalala ko'ng suot mo nung una
Naglalakad at nang makita ka
Nasabing, "Pwede tayo."
At lahat ng iyong ginagawa
Ngumingiti tuwing naalala
Ngayo'y wala na nga ba

At tunay ngang
'Di ko kayang iwan ka
At tayong dal'wa'y sa isa't isa
Marami pang oras
Upang isipin ang hinaharap
Pero ngayon pa lang alam na ang bukas
Naisip bagay tayong dal'wa

Ikalawang stanza:
Naalala ko'ng hubog ng 'yong mukha
Ang labi mo't iyong mga mata
Hindi na malimutan
Tuwing ipipikit aking mata
Ikaw lang ang aking nakikita
Ngayo'y naniniwala

Na tunay ngang
'Di ko kayang iwan ka
At tayong dal'wa'y sa isa't isa
Marami pang oras
Upang isipin ang hinaharap
Pero ngayon pa lang alam na ang bukas
Naisip bagay tayong dal'wa

Naalala ko'ng suot mo nung una
Naglalakad at nang makita ka...

Na tunay ngang
'Di ko kayang iwan ka
At tayong dal'wa'y sa isa't isa
Marami pang oras
Upang isipin ang hinaharap
Pero ngayon pa lang alam na ang bukas
At naisip oooooh...
'Di ko kayang iwan ka
At tayong dal'wa'y sa isa't isa
Marami pang oras
Upang isipin ang hinaharap
At nalaman lang tapos na ang lahat
Bagay tayong dal'wa

Bagay tayong dal'wa

LOL. It's so corny, I know.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Birthday Wishlist

It's less than a week away so (to make your lives easier... XP) I came up with this teeny wishlist:

- shoes (dark blue or dark red)
- cologne
- new Bible (preferably THE MESSAGE)
- Dracula by Bram Stoker
- Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
- Veronika decides to die by Paulo Coelho
- For one more day by Mitch Albom
- Kurapica
- The Virgin's Lover by Philippa Gregory
- Notes from a Coma (book)
- Uglies series (book... DUH)

Okay. That's all, I guess.

number eight... Ahem. Ahem. Ahem

Friday, November 20, 2009

CRAZY post


Lemme post this for a while...


Oookay. My Kas 2 room is PH 414 and my class ends in 11:30am. Clarence's room is PH 420 (Philo 10 - hurrah for the CRS search engine) and his class starts at 11:30am. I am sooooooooooooo HAPPEEEEEEEEE! XD

I actually got to meet him (no talk XP) coming up the stairs to-day. <3

Review of the Week

November 17, 2009

Ooookay. This is crazy. My P.E. is Scrabble and we're still required to buy P.E. uniforms? Like WTH... On the other hand, I still get the consolation of getting another U.P. souvenir. :)

November 18, 2009

Lingg 1 was fun today. We had a lot of laughs. Mr. Hernandez is a nicety nice teacher. :)) No, really. The subject is interesting, in particular. Why? Because language is unconscious and we never really think about what happens inside our mouth when we utter a particular sound. It's just so amazing, nee? Maybe you'll understand if you take the course. ;)

Kas 2 is... Okay, I guess. It isn't as boring as Kas 1 but whatever... It's history and it's not very likeable. XD

We had no classes for Eng 11 because Ms. Mata was sick.

November 19, 2009 is a very baaaaad day for me. Ged.

I had my first day of the thing-that-only-happens-to-women-once-a-month. My abdomen hurts so much and it chanced that it was the day for our major subject, Journ 100, which lasts for three hours (because we meet once a week). I was so shaking with pain that I can't really concentrate to what Ms. Tangi was saying. Thankfully, though, after going to the bathroom once to do who-knows-what I felt better. Haha.

Journ 100 was okay but it's history so I'm not that giddy... And the requirements... Book review with a minimum of 5 pages... An essay with a minimum of 7 pages for a final paper... First long quiz on December 17, day before the Lantern Parade... Reporting... GAH!! And the person who reported our topic last semester was the one who got the highest grade of 1.50, I think... 1.50! Highest grade! I am SHOCKed. XP

Anyway, life still goes on. I'm feeling good about Math 1 and Scrabble. Dunno why. XD

November 20, 2009

Lingg 1 is reaaaaaaally fun! Mr. Hernandez is a great teacher and the stuff he says is really interesting. I'm looking forward to more of Lingg 1 in the future. Also, Sharmaine and Fabz are two people I really enjoy talking to. We could talk about almost anything (mostly anime, though). Lingg 1 really got me thinking about language and all that shizz.

Okay. Kas 2 is boring. Like always.

We don't have Eng 11 to-day because Ms. Mata is sick... Which is probably because I prayed for it last Wednesday. XP

Anyway, because of that, I got to go home early. Yaaaaay! Buh-bye, dorm!

Book review - The Food of the Gods by H.G. Wells

Rating: 8/10

Okay. It was a great novel, but it had the tendency of dropping off all of a sudden and leaving the reader in mid-air (in my case, that is). It doesn't use a lot of scientific language which probably makes it such a great read for non-scientific people. Haha! Anyway, H.G. Wells created a realistic universe and I agree with what the Children of the Food decided in the end 'cause it remains true, to this day. Over all, it's a nice book but probably not one I'd recommend to "new" readers.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Omoi-chan

... And because there's nothing really worthwhile to write about, I'll just blog about my laptop a.k.a. Omoi-chan.

My laptop's brand is Fujitsu Siemens. It's screen is roughly 14 x 10 inches and the resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels. It's pretty large and I carry it around using my dad's backpack which has a specific place for storing huge laptops.

The name "Omoi-chan" stuck because, as you can see, it's quite large. The word omoi in Japanese means "heavy."

I bring my laptop to school every week and store it inside my trusty cabinet. I currently have no fear of Omoi-chan's being stolen because my corridor mates have arguably better laptops (Acer, Apple, Vaio, etc.). But I still love my Omoi-chan because it carries all the stuff that I need and hold dear.

Even if you'll give me a brand new Apple laptop in exchange for my laptop, I don't think I'll give it to you.

(... on second thought ...)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sad sad sad

November 11, 2009 is a veeeeery sad day for me. A lot of things happened that were not suited to my taste. First of all, my English 12 class (which I was looking forward to) was dissolved. I arrived at CAL a little before 6:30 in the morning (class was supposed to start at 7am) and waited for the guard to open the entrance door. I waited for a few minutes and was soon inside. I looked for my classroom, CAL 311. No one was there when I arrived so I read my copy of the "Food of the gods" by H.G. Wells. Moments later, a girl arrived and asked if the class was English 11. I replied in the negative and said that mine was English 12. She took out her Change Mat form and asked if that English 12 was the English 12 that got dissolved. I said I didn't know. She nodded and went out. I kept the cool exterior but deep in my heart, I was really nervous. A dissolved class meant Change of Matriculation which is a process I don't want to undergo. :P A little later, I discovered that what the girl said was true. English 12 WFQ was really dissolved. I went to my next class (Lingg 1) dejected.

Lingg 1 was fun. Our professor's name is Tuting Hernandez and he's the makulit type of professor, if you know what I mean. Anyway, the class was nice and I'm expecting it to be interactive because of the number of students in the class (30, I think). The only thing I didn't especially like was the grading system. Grades were dictated by only two factors: the first and second long exam which consists of 100 points (not necessarily 100 items, ahem.) each, for a total of 200 points. In order to get a 1.00, I have to get 196-200 points in the exams. 3.00 is given with scores ranging from 120-129. Not that I'm aiming for just a passing grade but it's kind of hard to get to the top. He also said that he hasn't decided yet on what type of exam he'll give. He said that either it could all be objective or a one question exam, which meant that you'll have to reproduce a really good essay. I'm not good at that so I'm praying real hard that Mr. Hernandez would decided on objective. :)

My last class for November 11 was Kasaysayan 2 on the fourth floor of Palma Hall. Our professor was Mr. Gil Gotiango, Jr. II. He speaks in fluent Tagalog. He said a lot of things about the subject but the most striking was when he said that he's not very popular with students because he sets a high standard. Also, he'll give us three exams with two essay questions each. He says he'll give us two hours to answer them but sometimes students ask for extension in the time limit. That made me real nervous. :( But then, he said that he'll try to make the subject easier to understand. I was like, "How'd you that? It's history!!" =( Then he said that there were two people in the class who were his students before in Kasaysayan 1. His words were, "Hindi ko alam kung masohista sila..." and something else. I was like, "Whoaa!! This professor must really be hard."

I never really intended to get Kasaysayan 2. I was actually pre-enlisting for Sociology 10. However, there were no more slots left (they told us this after 5 hours of waiting in line) so I had no choice but to take another subject. Too tired and too disappointed to go to the Department of Archaeology, I took Kas 2 instead since it's located in the same building. Now I know that I should have taken Arkiyoloji 1 instead of this crap. =X

What's done is done though... But one can't help regretting past actions. As soon as I arrived at my room, I flung myself at the bed and cried really badly. I figured that there was a chance that I'd fail Kas 2, or even Lingg 1. It was so frustrating, especially to someone like me who achieved high grades all throughout these past years. Also, the pressure of being a university scholar last semester is driving me like crazy. What would my parents, relatives, and friends think of me if I failed to meet their expectation and got a GWA of 3.0 or something like that? It's just so distressing that until now I'm getting teary-eyed. :'(

I asked Kuya Kelvin if I'll have to take up Kas 2 again in summer if I failed. He said no. I was sorta relieved but the thoughts in the previous paragraphs lingered. I know what I have to do: prove Mr. Gotiangco wrong. But could I? I was not even sure if I'd be able to do that. I'm not even sure if I still want to study here in U.P. But that meant bringing down a lot of people, including my parents and I don't want to let people down. Even if they say it's alright, I know deep inside that it's not.

Maybe I'm just exaggerating everything but I can't help it, you know?

So I made a deal with God. If I don't pass the first exam in Kas 2, I'll drop it. Totally. I haven't told my parents yet but I know they'll be awful sad but I'm so sorry.

Right now (6:10PM in my cellphone), I just want to go home to Pampanga and forget everything. I know God is with me all the way but I just can't help feeling this way. It's so antagonizing...

Can the world please end... Now?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Book review - The Lost World by Michael Crichton

Rating: 9/10

Frankly speaking, I think the first novel was way better. What I liked about this novel, though, was the fact that it wasn't using too scientific terms and that the suspense is really alive. While reading it, I felt like I was really there, hearing the giant steps and feeling the ground shake. All together, its a pretty nice novel.

I'm looking forward to reading more of Crichton's works in the future.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Dahil malapit na ang Halloween at nagsisimula na ang pagkukwento ng mga nakakatakot na pangyayari, ang isusulat ko ngayong gabi ay tungkol sa isang nakakalokang paniginip ko ilang linggo na ang nakararaan. Bakit nakakaloka? Parang totoo kasi at sobrang natakot ako nang makita ko ito. Ewan ko lang pag binabasa niyo na... Pero eto siya:

Gabi na at walang kuryente. Kaming dalawa lang ng kapatid kong si Ena ang nasa bahay. Nasa garahe siya at may hinahanap sa van habang ako naman ay nasa loob ng bahay, nagsisindi ng kandila. Madilim at medyo umuulan nang gabing iyon.

Ilang segundo ang lumipas at may kumatok sa aming gate. May hawak akong flashlight kaya tinignan ko kung sino iyon. Nakita ko, mula sa siwang ng gate, ang ilang mga taong naka-motorsiklo. Sumigaw ako upang sabihin sa kapatid kong huwag silang pagbuksan pero huli na; nabuksan na niya. Dali-dali akong lumabas ng bahay para puntahan si Ena.

Agad-agad ay pumasok ang mga tao at hindi sila lumalakad. Nagfofloat sila na parang yung mga multong nakikita nating decoration sa mga tindahan. Marami sila at sabay-sabay silang pumapasok sa aming garahe; ala Kitty Pryde ng X-Men ang estilo ng pagpasok. Nakasuot sila ng mahaba at itim na tattered cloak. Nakaalis ang hood kaya nakikita namin ang kanilang mga mukhang napakaputi. Slanted ang kanilang mga mata na parang mga Intsik at walang kilay o pilik-mata. Hindi ko rin napansin kung may pupil sila. Ang paligid ng kanilang mga mata ay may halong pula at puting pintura. Nakanganga sila habang papalapit sa amin.

Nang makita ko ang mga taong ito (kung tao man sila...) ay bigla akong kinabahan. Hindi rin ako makapagsalita ng tuwid. Pero kahit na ganoon, alam ko ang dapat kong gawin. Kahit nanginginig ang buo kong katawan sa takot, iniunat ko ang kanan kong kamay sa direksyon nila at sinabing, "In Jesus' name" ng paulit-ulit. Noong una ay hindi malinaw ang pagkakasabi pero kalaunan, diretso na ang aking pagsasalita at lalo pang lumalakas ang aking boses. Pagkaraan ng ilang sandali, sumigaw ang mga nilalang at umalis na...
Anong masasabi mo?..

"They swarmed around me like bees,
but they died out as quickly as burning thorns;
in the name of the LORD I cut them off."
Psalm 118:12

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CCEMI Academy Intramurals 2009 - comments!

Ahem. Ahem. I'll just give some of my comments regarding the stuff I've witnessed earlier.

Miss/Mister Intramurals 2009:
Oooookay. I think this was a bad event... :(

Cheerdance Competition:
Red Earth Shakers - Okay. The cheer dance was dirty, with some people not knowing where to go or what to do. Also, the routines are repetitive (e.g. alternating). The music was great. It could've been better with more practice.
Green Knight Shades - Love the intro. That was really nice. However, when it came to the middle, the routines didn't look like they're suited for cheer dancing. It looks more like interpretative or something subtler than cheering. Music was great, too.
Blue Heirs - I liked their cheer dance, except for the fact that they recycled some of the routines, formations, and yells. They were horribly familiar. (Fact: It's called plagiarism in writing. :))

Basketball (Green vs. Blue):
Very predictable game, which makes it not too worthwhile to watch. The determination of the Knight Shades were to die for, though. Heheh. (May over exaggeration factor dito. Huwag na lang pansinin.)

That's all... I guess? Bored lang ako kaya ganyan.

Lady Gaga's version of Viva la Vida

Well, really. When I first heard this cover, I knew that a really good song was messed up. The accompaniment could have been great, if the lyrics weren't half as bad. This clearly isn't a good cover.

Well, don't get me wrong. Lady Gaga can sing but this just didn't work for her.

No, lady, you just don't go around ruining a good Coldplay song. The original is waaaaaaay better.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uFRg2epy-w

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Abby's 8th birthday

Yup! Yup! It's my youngest sister's birthday today, and I treated her to McDonald's (bragbragbrag). She ordered a Happy Meal and Chicken McNuggets. After that, we went to a shop and I bought her "food" erasers.

I won't say how much I spent. XD

Book review - The Story of my Life by Helen Keller

Rating: 9/10

Well, I never did like autobiographies much.

But I guess this one's an exception. Helen Keller wrote her story in such a nice and simple way that the reader will feel like the famed woman is right in front of you, chatting endlessly to you. She also talked about her interests and faults which is a lovely thing for me (since I found out she read books in like fashion). I liked her immediately when I learned that she was able to go to college and graduate! Helen Keller is really a great woman and Anne Sullivan is a great teacher.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Two mishaps

October 16, 2009 is one of the most memorable days in my U.P. life. Why? Two important things happened to me today.

Mishap # 1:

We were taking our second long exam for Archaeology 2 when suddenly, my trusty black ballpen refused to write. So I took out another one from my metal pencil case. A few minutes later, it also refused to write, so I used the previous ballpen again. Then it refused writing so I took the other one. This happened so many times that I just decided to use my magic pencil (good thing it was there). I don't know if Sir Mandy allowed pencils during tests so I wrote an explanation on the first page of my blue book:
Hehe... Sorry po nawalan ng tinta ang mga ballpen ko. :)
I hope he understands...

Mishap # 2:

After the test, I walked back to the dorm to arrange my things for departure. I brought my bags downstairs and placed them beside the lady guard's table so she could watch over them while I check out. Two girls checked out before I did and went home to Baguio. When I finished the necessary procedures, I went back to the guard and found that my bags had disappeared. She was frantic and so was this other guy who I think is the gardener of the dormitory. I was feeling frustrated and was on the verge of crying but I held it off. Haha.

So the lady guard went to the RA Counter and reported the loss. The resident assistant gave us the numbers of the two girls and I started to call them. At first, they denied having taken the bags but when they checked... Tadah! They had taken them. By then, my voice was shaking. I asked them (as calmly as I could) to drop them off at the Dau terminal station. They agreed so I decided to leave the dorm.

As I left the building, I felt a horrible pang of sadness and tears began to form but I stopped them from falling. With only my backpack, I rode the Katipunan jeep, the LRT to Recto, and the bus to Angeles.

I dropped off at Dau and made my way to the terminal station, looking for the PTJ and Pasalubong Store where the two girls had left my bags. After some walking, I found it and inquired at the vendor. She affirmed the presence of my stuff and gave them to me (of course, she made sure that they were mine :)).

I don't think I'll be able to describe how happy I felt when I say my bags back. Haaaay...

Book review - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Rating: 10/10

This book is definitely one of the best books I have ever read. The story is told in simple words and yet it stays on your mind for days and days on end. It's a mixture of humor, adventure, growing up, and lots more. When reading this book, you feel as if you're really there, like the characters really exist. What I also liked about it is the courtroom scene. It doesn't use too many legal jargons like Erle Stanley Gardner's but the impact is the same. Harper Lee is a genius.

Every bookworm should read this. :)

Movie Review - 5 Centimeters per Second

Rating: 8/10

5 Centimeters per Second tells the story of two childhood friends: Tohno and Akira. They spend most of their time together that their classmates always teased them, but it didn't really matter to them. As long as they were together, everything was alright. There came a time, though, that Akira had to move away from Tokyo with her family to Tochigi. Tohno assures her that it's alright but deep inside he's hurting. It's the same with Akira.

Obivously, it's a love story but one that is beautifully weaved into three chapters. The characters are sort of believable and the plot is realistic. The song at the end of the movie is a real joy. This movie is nice and if you want a break from all the ninjas and shinigamis, give this one a try.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two new books! - again

So yeah. I bought two new books last Friday. I had a lucky find with Michael Crichton's The Lost World and Helen Keller's The Story of my Life. Yippee! Can't wait to read..!

My book collection just reached 113!

Consultation with Mr. Guerrero

I was wont to think last week that my consultation would be very scary, resulting to my nervousness about the subject. I had always imagined myself to be crying over the criticisms my professor would throw at my short story. But, in reality, it all happened in a different way.

I scheduled my consultation for Monday, 2PM. By 1:45, I was out of the dorm, making my way to the FC while running Mr. Guerrero's room number on my head. As I was walking, I could picture myself walking into the room, handing him my draft, sitting on a chair while watching him read it with a disgusted face. Then, after reading it all, he would give it back to me and begin saying all the nasty things about my work. After some minutes of hearing criticisms, he would be done and I would go back to the dorm with a sad, sad heart.

Ha. But it didn't happen that way.

There was an awkward thirty minutes first. I thought that we would consult with Mr. Guerrero on his room (FC 2061) so I waited there for thirty minutes, knocking at the door every five minutes or so. When I was tired of waiting, I decided to ask around for the Institute of Creative Writing. The woman operating the photocopier machine directed me to the room. And, yes. He was there. I am soooooo foolish. XP

So yeah. He took my draft and spent some ten minutes reading it. That was like the worst ten minutes of my day. When he finished reading, he walked up to me and began to point out the mistakes in the draft... In a nice way. He wasn't all shout-y and stuff. He was actually patient ('cause I didn't know what the heck run-on sentences are). He even said that it was well-written, and it only needed a little more adventure...

All in all, I was light-hearted as I walked back to the dorm, knowing that a Palanca awardee had read my work and said that it was well-written.

(I have to work on my grammar... XD)

Gender Awareness Seminar

I had to attend this for our Kas1 subject last Monday from 8am to 12 in the afternoon. Actually, I arrived there at around 9:45am, just in time to see the last slides about lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, etc. The seminar itself was informative, but what unnerved me most was the question and answer portion.

Someone asked a question about the church's stand on homosexuality. Then this woman answered that the Bible didn't say anything clear about the subject so the Catholic church doesn't have anything to say about homosexuality. She also said that there were four gay/lesbian writers in the Bible but she failed to remember who.

I was like, "HUWAAAT?!?" when she said those things. That is so nonsense. The Bible did mention something about homosexuality although it doesn't really say it directly. Take the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, for example. I have only one thing to say about the four writers: foolish. Plain foolishness. Why would God, in all his goodness and perfect-ness, use those kinds of people? It's true that He used sinners, but when they began to write the Word of God, they shunned their sinful ways and turned their backs from the world.

I felt worse after that seminar. Very much worse.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My left sandal

Ta-daaaah! This is my paragraph for our Creative Writing 10 class. It's a very weird composition, actually. XD

"My left sandal, like all other sandals in the world, was bought with its twin at the same time and at the same place. It was during a mall sale, two or three years ago. For their cheap price, they were surprisingly good: efficient in walking because you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all. Additionally, they were of a good color that sets off almost anyone’s skin tone. The sandals were so great that I wore them all the time: to church, to the mall, to school activities, and just about anywhere. We were on good terms – my twin sandals and I. We helped each other to trudge gracefully on every road, be it rugged or straight. My left sandal, though, was dearer to me for the reason that it was more durable than the other. It remained faithful to me, even though I had shut them out from the world for a long while. It refused to let the ravages of Time get to its weakness: the strap. It remained attached, stood strong and won my undying approval. My left sandal proved itself to be the best shoe-friend a girl’s foot could ever have."

Book review - The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

Rating: 9/10

Amy Tan is a great writer. When I read this book, it really seemed as if a Chinese lady was really speaking the words. It was like all of those ladies were real people. She has a great talent for story-telling. It's no wonder this book was in the New York Times Bestseller List for nine months.

Movie Review - Grave of the Fireflies

Rating: 10/10

Grave of the Fireflies tells the story of two orphans, Seita and Setsuko, as they try to survive in a war-torn Japan. Together, they face hardships until the fateful end. This movie is a masterpiece. It has the power to move people to tears. It's background story is so real and you can just imagine what people did in those times in order to survive. This movie tells the story not only of Seita and Setsuko but of every single person who struggled during the war years.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two new books

I finally got myself a copy of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club. I heard that these books are masterpieces so I'm happy to have bought them for 105 pesos in Booksale.

Hurray for Booksale!

Oh well... I don't really think I'll get to finish them quickly 'cause final exams are coming. Gah.

By the way, this is my 200th post. Happy 200th post, bloggie dear!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Movie Review - Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie

Rating: 8/10

(...At dahil Tagalog na pelikula ito, magsusulat na rin ako sa wikang Tagalog.)

Nakakatuwa ang pelikulang ito. Siguro, para sa iba corny ang mga jokes na binibitawan ni Michael V. pero para sa akin, may sense na man sila. Nakadagdag pa sa tuwa ko (marahil) ang pagkagusto ko sa tandem ni Yaya at ni Angelina. Nagagandahan kasi ako sa segment nila sa Bubble Gang (Ang Spoiled). Isa pa sa mga magandang factor sa pelikulang ito ay ang pagiging creative at flexible ni Michael V. Napakarami kasing role na siya ang gumanap.

Kanais-nais naman ang pelikula nito: halo-halo na ang comedy, drama, at action. Pero kung hindi ka mahilig sa mga bagay na corny, huwag mo na lang panoorin. Sigurado akong hindi mo naman maaappreciate.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ang bagsik ni Ondoy

Nakakapanlumo ang mga nangyayari sa ating bansa ngayon. Napakaraming mga lugar na nasalanta at taong nasawi. Kalunos-lunos ang mga mamamayang Pilipino naapektuhan ng bagyong Ondoy, lalo na ang mga taga-Marikina, Rizal, Arayat, at iba pang mga lugar na napinsala. Katakot-takot ang iniwan na bakas: mga daan at bahay na puno ng putik, mga bangkay na nakasabit sa mga kable ng kuryente, at mga video ng taong tinatangay ng ilog. Napakaraming kwento ng paghihirap sa balita. Ngunit ang pinakanakaapekto sa akin ay ang kwento ni June Marqueso, isang ama na kinukuha mula sa sira-sirang bahay ang computer na binili niya para sa kanyang anak. Sabi niya'y inutang pa niya ito para lang mairegalo sa anak. Dugo't pawis ang ibinigay niya para sa bagay na iyon, ngunit ngayon? Wala na. Hindi na niya ito mapapakinabangan.

Iniisip ko ngayon kung paano makakabangon ang mga taong ito. Pinasok ang bahay namin ng tubig noon. Wala mang 1 inch ang tubig na pumasok ngunit pagod na pagod kami sa paglilinis. Hanggang sa kusina kasi pumasok iyon. Nabasa din ang mga electric socket at mga AVR. Kung kami nahirapan na noon, paano pa kaya ang iba ngayon? Hindi ko maisip kung paano ko lilinisin ang isang bahay na puno ng putik habang walang tubig at kuryente, kung ako man ang nasa posisyon nila.

May balita pa ngayon na sinasabing may dalawang bagong bagyong paparating sa bansa. Paano na ba iyan?

Napakahirap. Walang pagkain, ni magandang tulugan. Bubong at lamig lamang ang naghihintay.

Sa kabila ng lahat ng ito, ano ang ginagawa ng ibang pulitiko? Nag-uusap tungkol sa eleksyon, ano pa? Ano ba naman iyon? Kung gusto niyo talagang maging mabuting pinuno, bakit hindi niyo sila tulungan? Bakit hindi niyo muna putulin ang mga pag-uusap na iyan tungkol sa pulitika? Anong klaseng logic 'yan?

At tayo namang nasa mga lugar na walang baha. Wala nga ba tayong magagawa? Hindi 'yan totoo. Maaari tayong magdonate ng pera o mga relief goods. Kung hindi naman natin magagawa iyan, ipagdasal na lamang natin ang ating mga kababayan. Dahil kahit sa ganitong panahon, prayer works.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Movie Review - Paprika

Rating: 7/10

This movie is produced by MadHouse, the company responsible for making great animes like Death Note. It's a sci-fi, horror flick that focuses on these DC Minis, machines that enable other people to share in your dream. Sure, it's a good movie and the graphics are good but it just didn't make me feel that something you get after watching a nice film. The plot is good but it's sort of hard for me to catch. Maybe I'm just that dull but whatever. It's a good one, though. By the way, this movie is recommended by Kiri-chan. :D

And, one last thing... It's not a kid-friendly movie. :D

Movie Review - Kiki's Delivery Service

Rating: 8/10

Another great film by Studio Ghibli. The story is nice, exactly what you'd expect from the company. I especially liked the songs (I'm watching the English version). They're so catchy and full of meaning. I looooooove them! Especially the last one at the end, "I'm gonna fly." Anyway, I gave it that rating 'cause it's just getting a little too repetitive for me. Don't get me wrong, Studio Ghibli is a great company and Hayao Miyazaki is one cool director but the themes are just, well, all the same. It's still a great one, though. Highly recommended. :D

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Words of wisdom

Fresh, fresh, fresh!

My dad said this awhile ago (translated from Kapampangan, of course):

Everyone goes through hard times. If unbelievers can survive it, what more us believers?

Praise God! :D

Words of wisdom

Fresh, fresh, fresh!

My dad said this awhile ago (translated from Kapampangan, of course):

Everyone goes through hard times. If unbelievers can survive it, what more us believers?

Praise God! :D

Friday, September 18, 2009

Movie Review - Howl's Moving Castle

Rating: 10/10

Another masterpiece from Studio Ghibli. The characters are pretty. The plot is good. Each scene leaves you wanting for more. The ending, though, for me, is a little muddled. But it's a good movie, anyway.

Howl's Moving Castle is the perfect fairy tale, minus the cheesiness.

Book review - N is for Noose by Sue Grafton

Rating: 7/10

Yes, that's a 7 over 10. Sue Grafton is a good writer - that's undeniable - but the story just doesn't work for me. Sure, it's a mystery and I'm a fan but it just doesn't fit my taste. It feels as if something is still missing. That's just me, though. After all, she is a New York Times best-selling author. *shrug shrug*

Kinsey Mallhone is a good character, though. She's almost real to me.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Book Review - Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Rating: 9.5/10

This novel is just awesome. Written in simple prose, this science thriller is really the best. Michael Crichton is writing in his element. The theme is believable and the dinosaurs are so life-like you could almost feel as if they're about to nip your toes.

I could have given it a perfect rating but I felt that the gore scenes were, somehow, not enough. I expected more blood, a lot more blood.

But it's still a great read, guys. Give it a try!


Noong isang araw ko lang naramdaman talaga ang ibang klaseng saya nagmumula sa pagtulong sa ating kapwa. Oo, nakatulong na ako noon pero halos lahat ng iyon ay dahil napipilitan lang ako o dahil sa iba pang mga bagay. Kadalasan kasi ay ayaw nating magbigay sapagkat iyon ang mensaheng ipinapaabot sa atin ng mundo: sa akin lang ang sa akin. Ngunit ang pagtulong na isinusulat ko ngayon ay iyong bukal sa ating puso.

Sa biyaheng pabalik ng Diliman, Quezon City ay bumababa ako ng bus sa tapat ng SM North EDSA. Upang makarating sa sakayan ng jeep ay kailangan ko pang umakyat at tumawid sa footbridge, habang dala-dala ang aking laptop at mga damit. May kabigatan ang mga dala kong ito, mas bumibigat pa tuwing umuulan dahil isang kamay lang ang gamit ko sa pagbuhat ng bag. Siguro ay aabot din sa limang minuto o higit pa ang pagtawid sa footbridge.

Nagkataon naman na naiwan ko ang aking payong sa ikaapat na palapag ng Gusaling Palma noong nakaraang Biyernes. Sakto rin naman at umuulan nang araw na iyon. Ang payong na dala ko ay pagmamay-ari ng aking nakababatang kapatid. Medyo sira-sira na ang mga bakal nito kaya naman, nang hapon na iyon ng ika-pito ng Setyembre 2009, nahirapan akong buksan ito. Malakas din ang hangin, dagdag pa sa pagkasira ng payong.

Tuwing umuulan, may mga batang lalaki at babae na naghihintay sa ibaba ng footbridge. Nagdadala sila ng payong at nagtatanong sa mga dumadaan kung kailangan nila ng payong o kaya ng magbubuhat sa kanilang bitbit na gamit. Kung oo ang sagot, papayungan ng mga bata ang mga ito hanggang sa dulo ng footbridge. Ang mga tao na ang magdidikta ng presyo.

At dahil nga sa nahirapan akong buksan ang payong, may lumapit na bata sa akin at nag-offer na payungan ako hanggang sa sakayan ng jeep. Pumayag naman ako dahil napaka-hopeless ng sitwasyon. Dala-dala ang mga gamit ko, umakyat na ako sa footbridge na kasama ang batang lalaki.

Habang kami ay naglalakad, iniisip ko kung magkano ang ibibigay ko sa kanya. Naisipan kong bigyan siya ng bente. Tinignan ko siya ng sandali at nakita napakapayat niya. Doon ko naalala ang mga cookies na binili ko sa Pampanga dalawang oras ang nakakaraan. Dapat sana'y kakainin ko ito para sumaya naman ako ng kaunti ngunit napagdesisyunan kong ibigay ko sa kanya ito. Naalala ko kasi na marami rin naman akong biskwit sa aking kwarto.

Nang narating na namin ang dulo ng footbridge, kinuha ko ang cookies mula sa aking bag at ibinigay sa kanya, sabay sabi na sa kanya na lang iyon. Hindi nagbago ang mukha niya; tinitignan niya lang ako habang kumukuha ng pera mula sa wallet. Nang maibigay ko na sa kanya iyon at papaalis na, narinig ko siyang tawagan ang kanyang mga kasama na nasa malapit lamang. Pinakita niya ang mga cookies; nakangiti siya. Maaaring medyo corny ito pero nung nakita ko ang ngiti na iyon, nawala ang bigat sa aking puso. Para bang may magic ang maliit na bagay na iyon.

Ganoon nga siguro ang dulot sa atin ng pagtulong sa kapwa. Walang kaparehas ito sa buong mundo. Hindi ito mabibili ng kahit na anumang halaga ng pera, pilak, o maging ginto man. Ika nga, ito ay priceless. Naiintindihan ko na ngayon kung bakit napakaraming tao ang gumagawa ng volunteer work samantalang hindi naman sila sinuswelduhan. Para sa kanila, sapat na ang mga ngiting isinusukli ng mga natulungang kapwa.

Movie Review - Whisper of the Heart

Rating: 10/10

Aww... This is such a nice, heart-warming movie. I didn't think it was corny at all, even with the love story. The character of Shizuku was so well-made, provided with a number of flaws that it seemed almost human. The story was believable, especially if you like to read a lot of books. Also, the thing I loved about this movie the most is that, somehow, I can relate to it. Like Shizuku, I'm a bookworm and I could just go on and on reading books forever. (The only thing is that I don't borrow books from libraries because of the limited time. I want to savor the flavor of books for a long time by owning them.) I've also thought about quitting college a lot of times and just write books. But I've learned, like her, that I need a lot of schooling and I'm willing to do everything to fulfill that dream.

The words of the Mr. Nishi were also nice. It gave me a lot of motivation to go on and to get over rejection and criticism.

By the way, it's from a manga by Aoi Hiiragi and adapted into a movie by Studio Ghibli, the studio that made great movies like Spirited Away and Ponyo. Hayao Miyazaki was also involved in the making of this movie.

This is a brilliant classic that is a must-see for any bookworm.

How I wish I too had a Seiji...

- - - - -

Anyway, three of my favorite snapshots from the movie. Why? Because in these pictures, Shizuku is like me an awful lot:

1.) I could be like this a lot. When studying, I would put away my textbook and pick up the novel I'm reading at the moment. You can't blame me when the subject is Biotechnology.

2.) I usually listen to music while studying.

3.) Animals aren't friendly with me, especially cats. They give me the silent treatment.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My life in ten or so years

I've taken a lot of quizzes on Facebook and some of them have these questions:
What do you see yourself doing ten years from now?
Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

I always answer that I see myself working, but in what line? Yes, I've taken up BA Journalism but is that really where I belong? 'Cause right now I'm having doubts whether I should continue the program or shift to Creative Writing (which is, like, my forte or something). It's not just because of Clarence, mind you (although that could be a consolation...). I've thought about future plans, goals, and my present interests. I asked myself where I would want to immerse myself. Television? Radio? Newspaper? I don't think so. Even as a student, I've already begun to see the crisis our media is suffering, especially the problems which lie on corruption. I don't want to build my life around those things. I want to be happy, because happiness is the most important thing in my life. As long as I'm happy, I'm okay. I mean, I could spend a whole day at a library and be happy just looking at the titles. (Yes, I am that shallow) Also, I think that mass communication is too vibrant, too colorful, for me. I'm more of an alone person. I don't want noise; I just want peace. I even prefer nights over the day and rain over sunshine. I'm not emo, you have to understand that. I just want to be alone and think things through. I'm not that serious either. When I say think things through, I mean day dream. That's why I shirk from people. I'm even having problems making friends or opening up to new acquaintances. I don't trust people that easily. So I think Creative Writing would be better. I'm aware that collaborations exist but you can always choose to work on your own. That is so contrary to the nature of journalism, where you run around interviewing people, gathering facts, and distributing them to people. Well, that's not what I want.

I want to be lazy. I want to be free. I want to hold my own time. I don't want to be imprisoned every day in a white patrol car. I don't want talking to people. I just want to be on my own. That's why I'm having second thoughts. And I totally don't know what to do, especially now that the first semester is nearing its end.

Oh, God, help me! I don't know what to do.

I know that if I choose something and I'm not happy with the outcome, I'll just be the loser in the end. I'll suck. I'll be the one to suffer. Man, why can't I decide? This is so hard.

I envy those people who would stick to their dream jobs. But, me? Oh, I don't know. Maybe for some people the work of a journalist and a creative writer are the same: writing. For me, no, that's not true. For one, a creative writer loves his adjectives. I love my adjectives! I cannot let them go! I don't want to be someone I'm not.

Oh, God.

Can't I just stop school?

Nah. Bad idea.

But I don't know what to do!

I don't want to waste four years of my life studying Journalism when, after all, I was made for Creative Writing. How loser does that sound to you? That is so gross. So stupid. I don't want to be stupid.

I do know one thing, though. I want to write. Books and stories mean everything to me. I cannot let them go. They're my world. They're more important than video games and anime. If they're gone... Then, just kill me, please.

... Maybe I just need to take a retreat, like Noynoy Aquino, and think a lot of things through. Or just go see a guidance counselor.

Anyway, dear blog, thank you for helping me take a load off my mind.

See you soon!

New books

Yep yep! After days of book famine, me here spent 95 pesos on three new books: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James, and N is for Noose by Sue Grafton. All from Booksale, people!

Hurray for Booksale!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Text scam

Text scam. Dalawang salita lamang ito ngunit napakaraming tao na ang naloko nito, maaring karamihan ay mga nasa middle-class na parte ng society. Kung hindi mo ito alam dahil nagtatago ka sa sarili mong shell nitong mga nakaraang taon, ang text scam ay mga mensaheng natatanggap ng isang tao sa kanyang cellular phone na ang motibo ay maloko ang taong iyon na magbigay ng pera sa nagpadala. Kadalasan, nilalaman ng mga text scam ang mga katagang, "Congratulations! Your cellphone number won...". Pagkatapos nito ay sinusundan ng hirit na "...deposit 10,000 pesos at xxxxxx bank account to validate your prize." Kung minsan ay mayroon pang permit ng DTI kunwari. Minsan, hindi lang pera ang hinihingi, pati ang credit card number. O kung minsan, pati load ng cellphone e hinihingi. Ang hindi ko lang maintindihan ay kung bakit napakaraming Pilipino ang naloko na ng mga text scam samantalang wala naman silang sinalihan na contest. Bakit naman sila mananalo ng ganun-ganun na lang? Maraming beses na ring ipinakita ang mga ito sa iba't ibang show sa telebisyon. Ano ba ang nasa likod ng mga text scam? Bumalik tayo sumandali sa ating kasaysayan...

Ang ating mga ninuno ay maaari nating tawaging mga walang alam. Bakit? Noong 1521, pagdating ni Magellan dito ay tinanggap siya ng ating mga ninuno sa Mactan. Akalain mong isang banyaga na ngayon lang nakita na nakadamit ng kaka-iba ay pinapasok ng ganoon na lamang sa kanilang tribo! Maaaring may hostilities noong una, ngunit iyon ay nawala maaari dahil sa mga regalong dala ng mga Kastila. Nagpadala naman itong mga ninuno natin. Hindi kalaunan, nakita rin nila ang katotohanan: balak silang sakupin ng mga banyaga. Kaya naman nakipaglaban sila. Succesful naman ito, sa katunayan nga ay napatay ng grupo ni Lapu-lapu si Magellan, ang lider ng ekspedisyon. Umuwi ang mga banyaga sa Espanya. Dito ba nagtatapos? Hindi. Dahil bumalik ang mga Kastila noong 1565, 44 na taon ang nakalipas. Tinaboy ba sila? Hindi! Tinanggap sila na parang walang kaguluhang nangyari noong 1521. Dahil doon, nagsimula ang pananakop ng mga Kastila sa ating bansang Pilipinas. And it was never the same again, ika nga.

Bumalik tayong muli sa kasalukuyan. Sa nakaraang dalawang linggo, nakatanggap ako ng dalawang masasabi kong text scam. Medyo nakakatuwa ang una. Ito ang sinasabi ng mensahe na galing kay +639298254855:

ma d2 poh kmi hospital nabanga ung cnasakyan namin,naki txt lng po ako,1 nlang po lud ni2,lud nyo po muna 200 i2ng #nato.pra po mktwag kmi sa e.hotline pra ma2lungan ung mga iba ko pngksma.wait ko nlang po tnx...

Obvious naman siguro, hindi ba? Kung hindi mo pa rin maintindihan kung bakit na-classify ko siya bilang text scam ay ipapaliwanag ko sa iyo. Malinaw naman na sinabi niya na humiram lang siya ng cellphone, maari sa isang nasa ospital. Kung ganoon nga, bakit napakalaking amount naman ng load ang hinihingi niya? Kung tatawag siya, hindi ba dapat nasa 30 pesos lang ang dapat niyang hingin? Wala bang telepono sa ospital na matatawagan niya? Isa pa, nasa ospital na siya kaya bakit pa niya kailangang tawagan ang e-Hotline? Bakit din hindi niya sinabi kung nasaang ospital sila kung ina nga niya talaga ang tinetext niya? Masyadong maraming butas ang paghingi ng tulong na ito. Ngunit, kung totoo man ito, pasensya na at napadala mo sa akin ang text na iyan. Dapat kasi, memoryado mo ang number ng nanay mo.

Sa kasamaang palad, nabura ko ang ikalawang text ngunit sinasabi nito na nanalo ang aking cellphone number ng 800,000 pesos sa ika-75 na anibersaryo ng PAGCOR. Tawagan ko daw ang number na iyon para i-validate ko ang aking napanalunan. Sinubukan naming tawagan ngunit walang sumasagot. Ilang minuto ang lumipas at may nagtext ng, "call me up."

Maaring hindi masyadong nakakaduda ang text na ito dahil totoo naman na anibersaryo ng PAGCOR ngayong taon. Pero nag-register sa akin ang paraan ng pagtetext niya. Una, kung tama ang aking naaalala, gumamit siya ng sticky caps sa unang text. Maaring gumagamit din ang mga propesyonal nito ngunit kung business transaction ito, hindi ba't dapat na gumamit siya ng tamang paraan ng pagsusulat? Isa pa, kaduda-duda ang pagreply niya ng "call me up." Sa tingin ko, kung opisyal nga siya ay hindi naman siya masyadong magbibigay ng panahon sa isang taong nanalo sa paraffle nila. Ilang tao ba ang nasisiyahan na magbigay ng 800,000 pesos? Kakaunti lang siguro. Isa pa, ang apelyido niya ay na-ispell na "coztodio" at hindi "Custodio" na di hamak ay mas tama ang pagbaybay. Gaya ng nauna, marami din itong butas, kahit na may permit pa daw ito ng DTI. Kung totoo man ito, pasensya na lang sa akin at hindi ko sinunod.

Marami na nga ang nagagawa ng tao ngayon, salamat sa modern technology. Ngunit hindi lahat ng ito ay kabutihan. Talamak na rin ngayon sa Internet at maging sa cellphone ang mga iba't ibang uri ng panloloko. Marami nang modus operandi ang mga kriminal ngayon. Ika nga, e high tech na rin sila. Ibig sabihin ba nito ay maaaring big time na sila?

Nararapat lamang na tayo ay laging mag-ingat at huwag na huwag ibababa ang depensa. Hindi lang sa madidilim na pook nagtitipon upang makabiktima ang mga masasamang loob; naabot na rin nila tayo sa ating sari-sariling bahay, paaralan, at opisina. Hindi na lang sa mga makikitid na eskinita pwedeng manakawan, maging sa sarili nating cellphone ay pwede na rin...

Tunay ngang hindi nasafe ang ating mundong ginagalawan.

Isang araw sa UPD

Sa kalagitnaan ng aking mga panaginip ay narinig ko ang malakas na pagtunog ng CarribeanCruise, ang alarm tone ng aking cellphone. Kaagad akong gumising. Alas sais na ng umaga. Oras na para simulan ang isang Martes sa U.P. Diliman.

Hindi ako kaagad tumatayo. Masarap kaya ang magmuni-muni sa kama bago bumangon. Pagkatapos ng ilang minuto ay tatayo na ako at aayusin ang aking kama. Pagkatapos nito ay bubuksan ko ang aking closet at kukunin ang dapat kunin. Dadalhin ko ang aking tuwalya, damit, at iba pang kailangan sa pagligo. Iiwanan ko ang aking cellphone sa kwarto; delikado na at baka mabasa. Syempre, itatago ko ito. Kung saan iyon, hindi niyo na dapat malaman. (:D)

Pagdating sa banyo, madalas at nakabukas at walang tao ang ikalawang shower room kaya doon ako pupunta. Sa totoo lang, iyon lang ang may gumaganang shower. Yung isa eh hindi ko alam kung ano ang nangyari. Hindi ko pwedeng i-lock ang pintuan dahil wala namang lock. Sira ito. Wala ding pintuan ang banyo kaya open siya buong taon, maliban na lang kung nililinis minsan bawat araw. Ilalagay ko ang aking mga dala-dala sa pintuan, para malaman ng iba na mayroong tao. Isasabit ko naman ang lalagyan ng shampoo, conditioner, sabon, at Cetaphil sa may gripo. Pagkatapos ay malilgo na ako. Laging malamig ang tubig doon at hindi scattered, hindi katulad ng shower sa bahay. Yung doon eh parang isang matabang stream lang ng tubig.

Pagkatapos maligo ay ilalagay ko ang aking maruruming damit sa batya, o kaya naman sa aking malaking, berdeng bag na dinadala ko bawat Biyernes pauwi ng Pampanga. Kukunin ko ang aking asul na baso, kutsara, at tinidor. Pupunta na ako sa dining area para kumain ng agahan. Dadalhin ko na ang cellphone ko. Mahirap na baka manakaw sa kwarto...

Mga 6:15 pa lang ng umaga. Wala pang masyadong tao sa dining area. Iyon nga ang gusto ko, para walang hassle sa pag-upo. Mas gusto ko yung mag-isa lang ako, kaysa sa may kasama ka at parang obligado ka pang hintayin ang mga kasama mo. O kaya naman ay bilisan ang pagkain. Iiwanan ko ang aking mga utensils sa mesang napili at kukunin na ang dining card. Ihuhulog ito sa kahon na may pangalang Girls na isinulat gamit ang crayon. Isa rin sa kagandahan ng pagkain ng maaga ay walang pila. Tuloy-tuloy ka lang sa pagkuha ng tray mo.

Titignan ko muna kung ano ang pagkain. Kung bakit ko ginagawa ito ay hindi ko alam. Wala naman akong magagawa kung tsamporado o puro omelette ang ihain nila sa akin. Hindi pa naman ata nakabukas ang Shopping Center ng ganoong kaaga. Sayang din ang pera kung meron namang pagkain sa dormitoryo.

Sabihin na nating potato and cheese omelette ang agahan. Ngayon naman ay ilarawan mo sa iyong isipan ang itsura ng pagkain na ito. Kung titignan mo ito ng top view ay maaaring apat hanggang limang inches ang haba niya at isa hanggang 1.5 inches naman ang kapal. Kung side view naman ay makikita mong saktong 1 inch lang ang omelette. Mapapansin mo rin na kalahating centimeter lang ang pinakapalaman nito. Ang iba ay puro itlog na lang. Ano bang magagawa ko? Iyon ang niluto ng concessionaire. Nagluluto nga pala sila para magkasya ang budget at malamnan kahit papaano ang tiyan ng mga estudyante. Hindi na bale kung konti lang ang patatas o keso. Basta magkasya sa mahigit kumulang 560 na residente.

Lalagyan ko ng ketchup ang tray para naman medyo masiyahan ako sa lasa ng potato and cheese omelette kuno. Babalik na ako sa aking mesa. Iiwan ko ang tray at kukuha ng tubig mula sa dalawang naglalakihang jug. Hindi ko pupunuin ang baso dahil hindi masarap ang lasa ng tubig, katulad ng tubig sa dispenser na malapit sa opisina ng dorm manager. Di hamak yata na mas maganda pang inumin ang tubig sa gripo namin sa bahay kaysa sa filtered water ng concessionare. Bakit? Lasang swimming pool. Yun lang ang masasabi ko.

Pagkatapos kumuha ng tubig, babalik sa mesa at magdarasal bago kumain. Noong unang linggo ko sa U.P. Inoorasan ko ang sarili ko, kahit na ano pang gawin ko. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ko ginagawa ito. Siguro para malibang lang ako. Kaya naman alam ko na ang minimum time ng pagkain ko ay sampung minuto. Ganun din madalas sa pagligo, pero umaabot din ito ng 15 na minuto, o kung minsan ay 30 pa kung may naunang naligo. Sampung minuto din ang oras ng paglakad ko mula Kalayaan hanggang AS.

Pagkakain ay ibabalik ko ang tray sa kusina at babalik na sa kwarto sa ikalawang palapag. Magsesepilyo na ako at huhugasan ang mga pinagkainan. Pagkatapos nito ay kukunin ko ang aking batya at maglalakad patungo sa laundry room. Madalas, tatlo lang ang laman ng aking batya dahil araw-araw akong naglalaba. Ayaw ko kasi yung bulk. Nakakapagod at walang space para magsampay. Hindi mo rin naman pwedeng ilabas sa may hardin ang linabhan mo. Nakakahiya, ano. At bawal din naman iyon. Siguro ay aabot ito ng sampung minuto rin.

Sa kwarto ko isinasabit ang mga gamit ko, para secured. May kaso daw kasi noon na ninanakaw ang mga underwear sa laundry room. Mabuti na ang mag-ingat sa mga gamit, hindi ba? Ganun din naman ang ginagawa ng roommate ko.

Pagkadating sa kwarto ay isasabit ko nga ang mga gamit. Pagkatapos ay ilalagay ko ang electric fan sa kama at ako nama'y uupo sa harap ng mesa para basahin ang aking Bibliya at Daily Bread. Madalas, 7:00 ng umaga ko ito ginagawa. Kung minsan, mas maaga. Depende sa oras ng paggising ko. Madalas kasi ay gumigising ako ng 5:30 pero kung hindi ako kaagad natulog at Martes o Huwebes naman ang susunod na araw ay 6:00 ako gigising.

Pagkatapos ng aking pagbabasa ay irereview ko ang aking notebook upang tignan kung may requirements akong hindi nasunod. Wala pa naman sa ngayon. Kung may pagsusulit sa araw na iyon, mag-aaral din ako. Kung wala talaga ay magbabasa na lang ako ng libro o kaya ay matutulog ulit, depende sa mood. May isang oras pa naman ako bago lumisan sa dormitoryo. Mga ganitong oras kumakatok ang mga kaibigan ni Laude, ang roommate ko. Kadalasan, ako ang nagbubukas ng pintuan dahil tulog pa siya. 10:00 pa kasi ang klase niya. Hindi naman ako na-iinggit. 5:15 ng hapon natatapos ang klase niya.

8:00, o mas maaga pa, ang oras ng pag-alis ko sa dormitoryo. Iiwan kong nakabukas ang electric fan at nakatutok sa sinampay, upang pagbalik ko ay tuyo na ang mga ito. Magpapaalam ako kay Laude, kung nandiyan siya. Bababa ako sa unang palapag at kukuha ng tubig mula sa dispenser, kahit na karimarimarim ang lasa. Ayaw ko naman ang bumili ng tubig sa labas. Masyadong magastos. (:D) Pagkatapos ay magsi-sign out ako, isang rule na ngayon pa lang na-implement. Katulad ng dorm I.D. na napakalaki. Parang pinapakita talaga sa iba ang pagmumukha mo. Iche­check ng guwardiya ang gamit. Sa totoo lang, bubuksan mo lang ng kaunti ang bag mo. Titignan niya ng kaunti. At pwede ka nang umalis.

Maglalakad ako papuntang Biology Pavilion. Nasa likod ito ng Palma Hall, o mas kilala sa tawag na AS. Sampung minuto o mahigit ang oras ng paglalakad. Pagdating doon ay pawis na ako at medyo pagod. May kainitan na rin kasi sa labas. 8:30 pa magsisimula ang klase ko kaya uupo muna ako sa sahig, sa harap ng Room 4105, para hintayin na lumabas ang mga estudyante ng BIO11. Habang tumatagal, dumadami ang mga estudyanteng naka-upo sa sahig. Marami kasi kami sa klase ng BIO1.

Sa wakas. 8:30 na. Papasok na kami sa loob at uupo sa aming permanent seats. Papasok na ang aming propesor, si Dr. Perry Ong, na dala ang kanyang maliit na laptop. Siya ang magtuturo sa amin sa second half ng 1st semester. Nauna nang nagturo sa amin si Dr. Sonia Jacinto. Nakaka-inip ang naunang mga lecture dahil hindi naglalakad, na katulad ni Dr. Ong, si Dr. Jacinto. Nandoon lang siya sa harap at nagsasalita gamit ang sirang mikropono. Ang gusto ko lang kay Dr. Jacinto ay pinapalabas niya kami sampung minuto bago 10:00. Pinapalabas kami ni Dr. Ong ng saktong 10:00 kaya nahuhuli ako sa susunod kong klase: PE1 sa Vanguard. Kailangan ko pang sumakay ng Ikot jeep para marating iyon. Mga limang minuto din siguro ang biyahe, depende sa drayber. Pagbaba ng jeep, maglalakad pa ako ng kaunti para marating ang gusali. Aakyat din ako sa ikalawang palapag, Room V206. Kadalasan ay nadadatnan ko na si Sir Chino na nagsasalita sa harap. Pero ayos lang ang mahuli. Kinukuha lang niya ang attendance kapag patapos na ang klase.

Wala naman kaming nakakapagod na ginagawa sa PE1. Pinapawisan lang kami dahil walang aircon o electric fan man lang sa kwarto. Puro discussion at lecture lang ang nandoon. Walang adventure. Sa totoo lang, mas gusto ko iyon dahil hindi naman ako sporty na tao. Hindi ko nga alam kung anong PE ang kukunin ko sa susunod na semester. Kung kumuha na lang kaya ako ng Mah jong..?

Pagkatapos ng PE1 ay MBB1 naman sa may Albert Hall. Babalik ako sa jeepney stop at sasakay ulit ng Ikot jeep. Anim na piso lang ang pamasahe sa loob ng campus, kung iikot ka lang. Pero kung lalabas ka ng campus, eh syempre ibang usapan na iyan. Sandali lang ang biyahe kaya hindi naman ako masyadong naiinip, natataranta pa nga at baka lumampas ako.

Maghihintay na naman ako sa labas ng Room 106 dahil 11:30 pa ang klase kay Dr. Monotilla. 11:00 kasi ang natatapos ang PE1. Habang naka-upo, kakain ako ng biskwit, o kahit anong nabili kong pagkain, pantawid gutom. Para kahit papaano ay makapakinig ng mabuti sa lecture tungkol sa biotechnology. Sa totoo lang, hindi naman mahirap ang subject na ito. Alam ko naman na ako lang ang nagpapahirap sa sarili ko. Lumilipad kasi ang isipan ko kapag ganitong oras. Ewan ko ba kung bakit. Siguro hallucination ng isang gutom na tao.

Iba ang setting sa MBB1. Halos lahat ng kaklase ko ay upperclassmen, hindi katulad sa iba na maraming freshman. Isa siguro ito sa nagpapahirap ng subject na ito. Medyo na-iinsecure ako sa kanila. Yung katabi ko ay graduating na at ang course niya ay Physics. Siya ang laging sumasagot sa recitation at pinakamataas sa unang mahabang pagsusulit. Sino ba naman ang hindi ma-insecure doon? Hay naku.

1:00 ang dismissal time namin. Sasakay naman ako ngayon ng Toki jeep para bumalik sa dormitoryo. Matagal kasi kung Ikot ang sasakyan ko. Gaya ng sinasabi ng pangalan niya, lalabas pa siya ng campus bago makarating sa Kalayaan. Sa oras na iyon siguro ay nahimatay na ako sa gutom. Hindi naman. Konti lang.

Mga 1:15 na ako makakarating sa dormitoryo. Check ulit ng gamit at sign in. Pagkatapos ay karipas ang takbo paakyat ng kwarto. Iwan ang bag sa kama, kunin ang baso, kutsara, at tinidor, dalhin ang cellphone, magpalit ng tsinelas, at bumaba papuntang dining area. Kagaya nung umaga, wala nang masyadong tao sa canteen. Madalas kasing kumain ang mga residente tuwing 12:00. Kakaunti na lamang ang kumakain kaya madaling humanap ng mesang walang nakalagay na baso.

Katulad ng sa umaga, ganoon din ang aking gagawin. Iwan ang baso, kuha ng card, ihulog ang card sa kahon, kunin ang tray, kumuha ng sabaw kung nais, balik sa mesa at iwan ang tray, lagyan ng tubig ang baso, magdasal, kumain, ibalik ang tray sa kusina at umalis ng canteen. Ang pinagka-iba lang ay ang mga putaheng niluluto. Kung minsan ay nilagang baboy na nakahiwalay ang sabaw. Mapipilitan ka tuloy kumuha ng bowl dahil dry ang baboy at gulay. Kawawa naman. Magsesepilyo din ako at maghuhugas ng pinagkainan. Pagkatapos ay ilalagay ang mga pinatuyong sinampay sa closet. Ilalagay ko ulit ang electric fan sa kama at magbabasa ng Bibliya.

Depende na sa mga requirements na susundin ang gagawin ko sa natirang oras ng araw na iyon. Kung kailangang magresearch ay pupunta sa Main Library. Kung dapat sumulat ng synopsis ay kukunin ang laptop mula sa closet at magpapatugtog ng mga kanta habang nagtatype. Kadalasan ay nilalagay ko ito sa aking flashdrive upang i-print na lamang sa bahay namin, upang makatipid sa gastos ng pagpapaprint sa Shopping Center. Kung wala namang gagawin ay maglalaro sa laptop, magbasa ng libro, o kaya'y matulog ulit.

Tuwing hapon ng Huwebes, pumupunta ako sa A.S. upang mag-Bible study kasama ng aking discipler, si Ate Alleli. Kadalasan, nasa A.S. lobby kami pero pumupunta din kami sa tambayan ng Campus Crusade for Christ na nasa Vinzon's Hall o kaya naman ay sa ikalawang palapag ng A.S.

Mga bandang 5:30 ng hapon ay kakain na ako ng hapunan. Wala din kasing masyadong tao sa oras na iyon. Hindi na bale kung magutom ng mga 10:00. May pagkain naman ako sa kwarto. Gagawin ko ulit ang proseso na katulad ng sa breakfast at lunch. Iyon nga lang, bago magsepilyo ay iinumin ko ang aking Cecon. Sa tingin ko ay iyon lang ang pagkaka-iba. Pagkatapos maghugas ng pinagkainan ay magbabasa ulit ng Bibliya.

Depende naman sa mood ang gagawin ko sa gabi. Kung minsan ay bumababa ako sa TV Area para makapag-internet kahit sandali lang. Pero medyo hassle iyon dahil kadalasan, wala man akong kalahating oras na nag-iinternet at mamamatay na ang connection sa laptop ko. Hindi ko alam kung chance lang talaga o niloloko lang ako ng internet connection sa dormitoryo. Kung ayaw ko naman bumaba sa TV Area, maglalaro na lang ako sa laptop ko, habang nagpapatugtog ng mga kanta. Kadalasan, naglalaro ako ng Pokemon Emerald o kaya naman ay Harvest Moon gamit ang GameBoy emulator. Kahit papaano ay naalis ang stress ng buhay.

Pagsapit ng 9:00 ay tutunog ang bell. Bedcheck ang ibig sabihin noon. Hindi naman ako nahuhuli dahil lagi naman akong nasa kwarto. Hindi nga ako masyadong lumalabas, maliban na lang kung may dapat puntahan na meeting o kunin na papel sa mga kaklase sa dormitoryo. Pagkatapos magcheck ni Ate Kim ng attendance, maaari na akong matulog. Aayusin ko na ang gamit na kailangan ko sa susunod na araw, magtetext sa mga kaanak sa Pampanga, magdarasal, at matutulog na.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Miss Universe 2009 - part 5

Miss Venezuela won as Miss Universe 2009, placing Miss Dominican Republic as the 1st runner-up. It's a back-to-back win for Venezuela! XD


Miss Universe 2009 - part 4

Top 5: Dominican Republic, Australia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Kosovo.

My bet is gone! Argh.

I'll be betting on Dominican Republic. Haha.

Miss Universe 2009 - part 3

Philippines didn't win Miss Photogenic. Go figure.


China won Miss Congeniality. Thailand won Miss Photogenic.

Hurrah for Asia!

Miss Universe 2009 - part 2

I lost my energy to continue watching. But I'm betting on Switzerland.


It's the evening gown part now. I like Switzerland's, Iceland's, and U.S.A.'s. They're so pretty and flowy!

Miss Universe 2009 - part 1

Wow. There are really beautiful women in this year's competition. Lots of them that I forgot my bets. :P

Anyway, Japan's costume was really cute. It really mirrored the fashion in the country from the hair down to the pink stockings. China's was sorta weird but that's what modern fashion looks like, nee? It's very futuristic. I appreciated Zambia's costume best. It's so tribal that it shows the culture of the country. Ireland's was colorful and cute, what with the shamrock design on the hat, but I feel that something is still lacking. And the Philippines! Of course, the Philippines! That was really pretty! I love the umbrella! :D

Well, none of those mentioned above made it to the Top 15. So yeah.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Clarence - SPOTTED!

WEIRD. I haven't posted about my last encounter with Clarence yet. (When I used the word encounter, it had the effect of a ghost on me...). So in this post I shall narrate. Haha.

It was the 20th of August in the year of our Lord 2009. UP was holding its ACLE (Alternative Classroom Learning Experience) in the afternoon so we were dismissed early from our MBB1 class. That was around 12:00PM. However, I didn't get to ride a Toki jeep at that time. I waited for at least 10 or 15 minutes in front of Albert Hall. That was a good thing, though, for it was a key object on that day.

The jeepney coursed around the campus in its usual way. When we turned left on A. Roces, Sr. Avenue, I was so surprised to see Clarence walking. He was with a girl and he was holding an umbrella because it was unusually hot that day. No matter that he was walking with a girl at least, after two or three weeks, I finally saw him. And a rare occasion it was, too! If you've ever been to the campus you'd know how slim your chances of meeting your crush all throughout the day unless he's one of your classmates, block mates, or course mates, of course.

So hapii!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Review - The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

Rating: 10/10

It tells the story of the rivalry between Mary and Anne Boleyn, two sisters rising to seduce the King Henry VIII for their family's triumph. It is told in Mary's point of view. Philippa Gregory is really the queen when it comes to historical fiction, especially during the times described in the book. They are told with beautiful simplicity and she tells everything frankly with no poetry attached. The events in The Other Boleyn Girl may not have been what really happened during Henry VIII's reign but it seems to come close to all of it.

Ang stereotype

Hindi lahat ng estudyante sa UP Diliman ay matalino, masipag, at honor student. Noong isang linggo ko lang na-realize 'yon. Inakala ko kasi noong makapasok ako sa unibersidad na ito na magagaling ang lahat, na kaya nilang sagutin ang bawat tanong ng mga propesor na graduate ng mga unibersidad sa Estados Unidos, Europa, at Australia. At bakit hindi? UPCAT passer sila, hindi ba? Ngunit mali pala ang kaisipan nito. Hindi lahat, kundi karamihan ang matalino.

Hindi ko inakala na may mas tatamad pa pala sa akin pagdating sa pagreresearch. Oo, nabasa mo yun ng tama. Mayroon pang mas tamad sa akin at nag-aaral siya sa UP Diliman. Kaklase ko siya sa Kasaysayan 1. Isa siyang lalaki. Bakit ko naman nasabing tamad siya? Simple. Nanghihiram siya ng notes mula sa aking katabi bawat sulatin. Mabuti na lamang at hindi siya nahuhuli ni G. Tantonco, ang aming propesor. Malas ko na lang at isang araw, ako ang nakatabi niya. O baka, malas na lang niya.

Binigay ng aming propesor ang susunod na topic para sa aming sulatin: ang tungkulin ng isang babaylan. Gagawin namin ito sa susunod na Miyerkules (ika-5 ng Agosto, taong 2009). Sa kasamaang palad, hindi nakadalo ang aming propesor sa sumunod na linggo sapagkat siya'y nagkaroon ng sakit dahil sa ulan. Kaya naman na-postpone ang aming sulatin ng isang linggo. Masaya naman ako dahil hindi ako gigising ng masyadong maaga...

Ngunit pagdating ng araw ng sulatin, nakatabi ko nga si G. Tamad. Nahuli na nga siya sa klase, siya pa ang may ganang manghiram ng notes. Ano ba ang ginawa mo, kuya, sa loob ng isang linggo? May libro na naman sa silid-aklatan tungkol sa mga babaylan, hindi ba? Nariyan din naman ang Internet. Sigurado namang may oras ka para doon, hindi ba? Isang linggo na nga ang lumipas, wala ka pa ring notes. Na-disappoint tuloy ako sa kanya. Akala ko pala naman matalino ka. Tamad ka lang pala. O kaya naman, hindi marunong ng tamang time management. O baka naman hindi mo lang sineseryoso ang Kasaysayan 1 dahil madali lang maka-uno sa ating propesor. Puwes, sinasabi ko sa 'yo: importante ang lahat ng subject mo, kung hindi ka aware dun.

Inayawan ko ang panghihiram niya. Sino ka ba, anyway, para hiramin ang notes na pinaghirapan kong hanapin? Magalit na ang magalit, basta't akin 'to. Ayaw ko ngang ibigay sa 'yo. Sa mundo na ito, dapat sa 'kin lang ang sa 'kin. Pwera na lang kung mag-kaibigan talaga tayo. Kaya, kuya, huwag ka nang tumabi sa aking kapag may sulatin dahil hinding-hindi kita papahiramin.

Isa pang stereotype sa mga UP students ay ang pagtanggap ng mga estudyanteng nasa medium to low level of society. Kung ganoon nga, bakit napakaraming estudyante ang may mga sariling sasakyan? Bakit nagmamay-ari sila ng mga Acer, Mac, at HP na laptop? Bakit may mga estudyanteng nag-aral ng highschool sa mga eksklusibong paaralan tulad ng Ateneo? Bakit maraming estudyanteng mayayaman? Habol siguro nila ang pagiging sigurado na matatanggap sila sa trabaho. May edge nga naman ang mga graduate ng UP. Kung may pera naman sila, bakit hindi na lang kayo mag-aral sa Ateneo o kaya sa De La Salle para huwag niyo nang masyadong i-flaunt ang mga laptop at Honda niyo.

Pero ayos lang naman din sa akin na nandyan kayo sa UP. Ika nga nila, mas maganda ang may diversity.