Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just a quick recap of the week...

It's been a busy week for me in UPD. The CMC Freshie Week was up. It was a little tiring but exciting. I got to dress up for the block picture. Our block won 2nd Best Block and Over-all Champion for the Sportsfest. Hurray for Maskom B! Maskom BEST!

Also, two of our blockmates were elected on the Freshie council: Jyle and Martin. Go guys!

MBB1 is freaky, as usual. We had our BIO1 class, thankfully. No Kas1 and CW10 last Wednesday because of the rain but we had one on Friday (yay!). Watched Baler at Cine Adarna for free. Acquaintance party last Friday which started at 8:30PM and ended the next day (don't know when. I went to sleep at 2AM and they weren't finished yet :P). Had four hours of sleep yesterday. Yawn!

We're having a road painting tomorrow and a block lunch. And Timezone! (Sana...)

God bless me for another week.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fanfiction update - TDSol

Chapter 6 is up!

I received a story alert for the same story, too. Yihee~

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fanfiction update - TDSoL

Chapter 5 is up!

After one week... I missed fanfiction. *sigh*

June 19, 2009

Woot! I can finally go home! That was the only thought in my head. That's probably why I can't remember much what I did on this day...

Our Creative Writing professor showed up. So far, that's my favorite subject.

I went home at 1:23PM. Heheh. And arrived at around 4:50PM. The LRT was packed with people. Sheesh. I didn't even get to sit down..

June 18, 2009

Another tiring day. *sigh*

Woke up at 5:30AM again and took a shower. Brr. It's still cold. I had breakfast alone. Because I wanted to. Heheh. Nothing beats being alone, you know?

Anyway, at around 7:30AM, I left the dorm to go to my first class in Palma Hall: BIO 1. Like before, the professor didn't show up so I was forced to proceed to Vanguard immediately... But all things work together for good to those that love the Lord, right? Because I arrived early, I got to know Valerie well. I found out that she was a beta-reader for and that she's an otaku like me. Plus, her friend in Davao also writes InoShika. Oh joy! Haha. Anyway, we had a lecture and discussion for PE1. After that, a quiz. Heheh. I got 10/10 on my first quiz. YAY! Quite a way to start the school year!

My last class is MBB 1 in Albert Hall. I found out that it would be easier and faster if I rode an Ikot jeep instead of Toki. So there! I wasn't late for Biotechnology. Mr. Monotilla began the formal lecture and, surprisingly, it was pretty easy. I mean, I can follow the lecture and understand some of the terms. I just have to start reading and researching more about biotechnology. Plus, I have to review my Biology days. Maybe I could get a hint from some of my past lessons. Anyway, he gave us an assignment, "How do you define Genetic Engineering?" or something close to that. Well, whatever. I'll work on it on Saturday. *sigh*

MasKom Block B had a meeting this 5:30PM. It turns out that CMC Freshie week is... *gasp* next week! It's quite a busy week but I'm not sure if I can come on Monday and Friday... *sigh* I was given the task of the road painting on June 24, Wednesday. Oh, LORD, help me! Unleash the artist within meeeeeeeee!!

I went online today again. Like before, the connection was sort of crappy and I got disconnected after an hour. Maybe they're implenting the 1 hour rule now... But it was obviously faster than the one from yesterday. I called Ena again and talked to her, Abby, and Tita Cris. Again, no dad. He's in a Bible study. That's alright. It's God's work so it's more important. =3

Oh, and there's one confirmed AH1N1 case here in UPD but they're not suspending classes. That's fine. I like my subjects tomorrow.

It's 8:49PM now. While I'm typing this, I'm listening to Hillsong's With all I am. It has been a habit, I guess. I've been listening to the same songs for days but I never grow tired of hearing them. I'm sure it's because they're God's words and they comfort my homesick heart. Aww... Thank you so much, LORD! And, like Carmine said, whenever you're close to God, you're close to home. A huge amen to that!!! =3

I miss my friends...

Oh! And I can go home tomorrow! The acquaintance party was postponed...

June 17, 2009

Woke up at 5:30AM again but I didn't wait for Laude during breakfast. I had a class at 7AM.

I arrived at Palma Hall at 6:45AM, I think. The professor was already there but it was alright because it wasn't time yet. Anyway, the professor was nice. I think he's Mr. Tantoco. He was very welcoming and funny. Whee~ And I met three girls from Kalayaan. They were Aimes, Zarah, and Althea. They're my groupmates in Kas1, together with Marc. We were the first group to facilitate a Group Dynamics on Philippine pamahiins, Survivor-style! It's due on July 15. Gotta think think think!

My next class was Archaeology 2 on the ASP RM. The professor was Dr. Mandy Mijares. He was really nice, too. And the subject seems interesting. He made us draw what we think an archaelogist looks like. I drew a girl. Heheh. I photocopied the Introduction and Chapter 1 of the reference book after class. It was really thick. Yeah. Oh, and I have to read an article that an archaeologist wrote. I'll work on that on Saturday.

My last class was Creative Writing 10 which starts at 11:30AM. I arrived on the 4th floor of Palma Hall at 10:30AM. Yeah. So I had to wait one more hour. So wait wait wait. During this time, I met a guy from Kalayaan named Gio (I think...) and he's a freshman Journ major too. We were also on the same class. So wait wait wait. Finally, it was 11:00AM. I entered the classroom and soon more students were coming in. We waited for the professor. Wait wait wait wait wait wait. While waiting, I read the Bible and managed to finish Acts. Yay! Paul was really great with the preaching of the Gospel. What a perseverant man! I wish I was like him... Anyway, the professor never arrived. So Gio and I went back to Kalayaan and had lunch.

So yeah.

Here I am, typing this and listening to music... I'll go online perhaps on 5:30PM or 6:00PM. No, maybe 5:30PM. Heheh. If the Wi-fi is working.

I went online. Yay! But only for a short time. About an hour, maybe. But it's okay. I got to chat with Ena. I turned off my laptop 'cause the connection was crappy and kept showing this error that the page cannot be viewed. Sheesh. After this, I called Ena and got to talk with her, Abby, and Tita Cris. No dad. He was in a prayer meeting in Nanay Paning's house.

At about 7:30PM we had a practice for the acquaintance party on Friday. It lasted up until 10PM... *sigh* So tired...

June 16, 2009

It was my first day in school. I woke up at 5:30AM and proceeded to take a shower. Brr. It was so cold! But I got through it and dressed up. I had breakfast at around 6AM with Laude, Jara, Riza, and Cha. I think those are their names 'cause I have a hard time remembering names. Anyway, we left the dorm at 7:30AM and rode a Toki jeepney.

I arrived at my first class (BIO 1) on time. I was really excited but it turned out that the professor isn't there so we were dismissed early. My second class was PE 1 in Vanguard, room 206. The teacher was really nice. His name was Chino Espino. I also met four new people: Sheila, Matt, Noel, and Justin. They're my groupmates in PE. My last class for this day was Biotechnology. I rode a Toki jeepney and reached my class late. Grr. I'll just have to walk to the building next time since the jeepney has to go around the campus. It was sort of boring, not my style, but the professor was awesome. Yeah.

I arrived in the dorm a little after 1PM and ate my lunch alone. I still don't have a placard, just like in the morning. After lunch, I tried the internet connection in the lobby and I couldn't connect. Grr. I asked the girl at the counter and she said that I have to have a Webmail account and that surfing other websites besides U.P.'s was forbidden until 5PM. Another grr. So I went to the Computer Center to make an account. When I got there, figures! I needed my Form 5! I had to walk back to Kalayaan and get it... So walk walk walk. Got it! Then walk walk walk.


It was pretty tiring but after, maybe, ten minutes I had my Webmail account activated and voila! I'll have to try the internet connection again tomorrow night. I want to see my family so badly...

We had a dorm orientation at 7PM. It was fun and informative. However, one of the rules state that plugging in your laptop at the TV area is forbidden. Gah. I estimated the time I can spend online and it's roughly 30-45 minutes. Please, please, please! I want to see my family so much!

All through the day, my family was texting me. I feel so happy.

Oh yeah. The water tastes so bad, like it's chlorinated or something. Ack. It has a sharp taste to it. Ack. I miss distilled water so much!

June 15, 2009

My first night at the dorm. Every time someone texts me (especially when it's close kin) I can't help but feel a pang of homesickness. I want to cry so hard and what makes it worse is the fact that I don't have Wi-fi access in my room. Gah. I want to go home now!

...But there's an acquaintance party on Friday and we're required to go. Sheesh. I'll have to go home on Saturday morning. Gah! I miss home so much! I wish I was still there!

Mom called me after the GA meeting. It was so nice to hear someone's from your family in the other end of the line even when she's in Qatar. My voice can't help but break with the sadness.

Before sleeping, I read my Bible and listened to some Gospel music. It helped me to somehow cope with the homesickness and felt a little better. I also read some passages from the Bible with the Bible Promises for Students as a guide. A topic was named Loneliness and I read it. I nearly cried while reading and also while singing Through it all by Darlene Zschech. It feels like the best song for now. I want to go home this bad. I miss my family so much... It's a good thing that God is here to guide and comfort me through his Words and songs. Thank you so much, Lord. You are such a great God. I love you so much!

And I also decided to attend Collide on Saturday. I figured out just how much I missed the fellowship of fellow believers.

And I can't seem to go to sleep. Maybe I'm just not used to it. I wake up at different times during the night... :P

I miss my mom and dad.

I miss Ena.

I miss Tita Cris.

I miss Abby.

I miss Ginger.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fanfic update - TDSoL

Chapter 4 is up!

I just noticed. I didn't put any Italian in the last two chapters. However, I'll be putting a lot of Italian on the last chapter...

I also received one review for A Lost, Young Love. Yay!

Fanfic update - TDSoL

Third chapter is up!

7 reviews, 2 faves, 3 alerts and 195 hits. Not bad, I guess.

Also, I received one review and one alert for Sunny Love.


P.S. I posted this today because, for some unknown reason, I can't post on Blogger yesterday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fanfic update - TDSoL

I have added another chapter to "The Dark Side of Love." The URL for the second chapter is as follows:


The weather today is nice. It's sunny and windy. The best day in June, so far.

I received three reviews for my new fanfic. Yay!

I love writing in first person! It enables me to sympathize with the character. I'll still use third person writing, though. I believe that some parts of the story should be in first person while some should remain in third person.

I love Schneizel~!!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Book review - Kapitan Sino by Bob Ong

Rating: 10/10

This book is just amazing! It's better than MacArthur, in my opinion. For me, it's the best out of all of his books. The story is beautiful and captivating. It holds your attention from the beginning until the end. The drama is absolute and affects the reader deeply. I believe that every Filipino should read Bob Ong's books. They are simply great and serve as a wake-up call to us, Filipinos. This is in my recommended list.

New fanfiction

Yes. I know. The title is cheesy. I just can't think of a better title right now. Maybe you can suggest some when the story's done... Anyway, it's Code Geass with the SchneizelOC pairing. I finally found the perfect plot.

New fanfiction

Yes. I know. The title is cheesy. I just can't think of a better title right now. Maybe you can suggest some when the story's done... Anyway, it's Code Geass with the SchneizelOC pairing. I finally found the perfect plot.

Monday, June 8, 2009


The sun shone again this morning, although around noon clouds began to form again and a light drizzle set in.

I have decided to make a Schneizel // OC story. I have even begun writing down the dialogues of Schneizel from the English dub of the anime which I would like to include. So far, I've written his dialogue with Cornelia at Episode 23 of R2. And, just to be safe, I downloaded the video for quick reference in the future. I had a little difficulty with the writing, though. Troy Baker's voice was too slang at times and I can't understand a word. *sigh* But I got through it. I think I recorded the dialogue pretty well.

Ginger dislikes her food. She did not touch it this morning. There's nothing wrong with her, as far as I could see. Thankfully, she ate every piece the last time I looked. I already gave her supper. I hope she eats it all.

I am now reading Bob Ong's Kapitan Sino. I'll probably read Shadow Baby next, a novel I have bought months ago but never got to reading. It just looks boring to me.

Book review: The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

Rating: 7/10

I liked this book. It's simple in everything - the way it is written, most especially. The characters are nicely done although I disdain some parts of the novel because they were not true to the Bible. Even so, I might be looking at this book for reference someday.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bright, sunny day

For the first time in days, the glory of the mighty sun showered its warm rays on the damp earth.

Yay! Heheh. It was a little bit too hot, though. But it's okay. :D

The KHQ Awards was successful, well, kinda. There was an issue with the Maia pics posted by the trolls. And I have issues with a few members, which they are not aware of. *sigh* Can't we build a time machine and bring the old days back?

The start of our classes was moved to June 16. More vacation for meeeeee~

Saturday, June 6, 2009

One New Book

I bought a new book yesterday. It was Anita Diamant's The Red Tent. It's about Jacob's daughter, Dinah, in the Bible. It costs only 10 pesos!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Movie Review - Night at the Museum 2

Rating: 10/10

Ben Stiller is back in the lead role of Larry Daley, night guard of the Museum of Natural History. The sequel is set two years after the first movie. Larry is now the head of a company named Daley Devices where he brings his inventions to life, such as the glow-in-the-dark flashlight. He comes back to the museum for a visit and finds out that most of the exhibits will be shipped to Washington D.C. in the morning and replaced with interactive holograms. He spends the night in the museum, reminiscing with the exhibits.

The next night, Larry gets a call from Jedidiah (Owen Wilson), saying that Dexter stole Ahkmenrah's tablet and that Kahmunrah, Ahkmenrah's older brother, has come to life and is trying to get hold of the tablet. Larry now flies to Washington and visits the Smithsonian Castle to find the exhibits with the aid of his son, Nick (Jake Cherry).

Thursday, June 4, 2009

UPD updates

I am now officially enrolled in the country's premier state university. I am proud and happy of this achievement. But ged! I had to stay in line for almost four hours just to be able to pay the tuition fee! But it's all worth it. After all, only 10% of last year's examinees were able to pass U.P. Diliman's credentials... And I am one of the 10%! Yay!

My dorm is also taken care of. I'll be moving there come Monday. My STFAP Bracket is now down to Bracket C, which means that I'll be paying 600 pesos per unit. At least, it's better than a thousand per unit...

I am psyched about my first day of college life. I feel sure that it'll be a really great experience.

My dormitory room

So yeah. We went to visit the room again this morning to take pictures. Well, here they are! See, it's pretty small but it's okay for two persons. It has two study tables, two beds, two closets, and two bookshelves. There! That's pretty much everything in the room. I want to bring a few posters along to cheer it up a bit. LOL.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Movie Review - Seven Pounds

Rating: 10/10

I was bored this afternoon so I decided to watch a movie. I saw Seven Pounds and decided to give it a try...

The story is all about Tim Thomas, an aeronautical engineer. One night, he and his fiancee were driving on a highway. They had a car crash and seven people died, including his fiancee. From then on, Tim dedicates his life in saving the lives of seven good people.

This is another great movie starring Will Smith. The story is well-presented and the unfolding of the events is interesting. So, yeah. It's a great movie.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Answered prayer!

Just a while ago, I was in the bedroom praying for financial help because tomorrow is my enrollment. As soon as I finished praying, a sudden urge to view the STFAP website came to me. I followed it and found out that the bracket processing results are out. I logged in and, there it was: I am now in Bracket C!

Lovely! I calculated the enrollment fee. This time, it's only 11, 181.50 pesos compared to Bracket B's 17, 000+. All I can say is, "Thank you, LORD!".

I feel so blessed tonight.