Friday, June 27, 2008

This week was...

This week was cool. I'm doing really well in Physics and I just passed my center of gravity project. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of it... But I will! When my teacher gives them back.

Math is great. I am enjoying the critical thinking and stuff. It surprises even me.

Economics. Just one word. Boring.

English is super! I'm having my friends over tomorrow afternoon for Troy. We're going to review the movie. What makes it super is also the fact that we're studying Greek mythology. Cool, huh?

The other subjects are well enough and good.

Our UPCAT applications are in but I have to pay 450 pesos to my friend cause she paid for the fee... Haha.

Just bought another L.M. Montgomery book for (gasp!) 30 pesos in Booksale: Pat of Silver Bush. I also saw Cornelia Funke's Thief Lord, Wizard of Oz, Charlotte's Web, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and William Shakespeare's As You Like It. Too bad I don't have enough moolah. Oh well, there's always a next time.

My latest fanfic, When the Piper Pipes, has earned 8 reviews, 3 favorites, and 3 alerts. It currently has 5 chapters. Right now, I'm writing the sixth chapter...

Number of books owned has risen to 62. Yay!

That would be all for now.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Of Physics, UPCAT, and hair

OMG! I can't believe it! I am actually enjoying Physics! Truth be told, I enjoy subjects where I excel in. Turns out I was good in formula transformations and problem solving. Conversion isn't a problem too. I hope this continues until the end of the school year.

Some of my classmates and I are going to take the UPCAT. I am aiming for U.P. Diliman since it's the only university that offers Journalism (out of all the branches of U.P.). However, it's one of the hardest universities to get into. I hope I pass and be part of the top 50... OMG! This takes a lot of prayer!

Yes, you read the title right. Hair. My two best friends had their hair straightened. Haha.

Ooh... NCAE. The review today was sort of troublesome. Haha. Our teacher said that there was this Clerical test where you answer 100 items in 3 minutes. I was like, "Oh!" and my mouth just opened all by itself. Unfortunately, he was looking my way and said that his expression was the same as mine when he heard that... Oh... Haha. Currently, I had a 36 out of 50 in Error Analysis and 18 out of 25 in Science.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New fanfic

I have a new fanfic up. It's called, "When the Piper pipes" and it tackles the story of Konoha going to war and all the men being called. Then they leave their loved ones behind and... Well... You get the point. As usual, it's InoShika. I just can't help it. I don't know how to write stories for other couples other than theirs. I've tried my hand in others but they weren't as good so... Yeah. But I'll try very hard to write an ItachiOC fic. Anyway, here's the link if you want to read it:

Right now, it has 2 reviews from Drew-chan and sad little monkey, 2 favorites, and 2 story alerts. Hope there'll be more by next week. I'm putting a lot of effort in this one 'cause I haven't written a story as long as this one. The first chapter alone had 3,200+ words in it. I hope I finish it.

Oh well... That's all for now. See you.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First day of school

Yes... June 10, 2008... One of the days I didn't feel like going to school... Why? It's the first day of school... Anyway, here's a little something on what happened...

Can you ever believe it? There were 63 new students in our school. 63!!! That is quite alarming, you know? 'Cause nobody ever enrolls... Haha. Just joking. It's just unusual that we got this two-digit number... Anyway, as you can guess, most of them are Koreans. But... Can you believe it? out of 63 new students, we didn't have any new classmates! As in none! None! Is this a curse? A punishment? A sign that we should atone for our sins? Let me tell you, dear readers... That it sucks to not have any new people around you. The faces of one's classmates just seem old and dusty from too much staring.

I'm psyched for the NCAE. I'm not psyched for the CAT. Can you believe it? We are officially (and it's mandatory) going to have CAT on Saturdays... Every Saturday! I can just imagine myself falling on my butt...

No!!! I saw him again today... The heck of a person he is to not transfer! Grr!

I don't know if I sh0uld be rejoicing or not but Joshua told me a while ago that I was the Student Council President and he was nothing... What??? Joshua??? Nothing??? Unbelievable! But you just had to believe and accept it. Also, the school publication will be on fire again and I plan to join. Oh yes! The seat of Editor-in-Chief!!! Here I come!!!

Now this sucks... I figure I'd be the class treasurer again... Gah!

What's good is that I saw my best friends again. It's so nice to talk to them again after two months of no communication...

Yes! Our class adviser is our English teacher! Hurray!

What??? There's HighSchool Night??? *faints*

We're going to review for the NCAE every day for one hour after class...

OMG!!! Nothing... Just felt like typing it in too...

Anyway, there it is... Random rants. Bwahahaha...

See you!

In Your Shoes - Finished!

Yes! Finally! My latest fanfiction has ended! Here's the URL if you would like to read it:

It had a total of 45 reviews as of now.