Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Added new content

Yay! Finally... After a grueling hour and a half, I've finally finished it! If you will notice, I've added a collection of fanlistings I joined... I deleted some of it because the sites weren't working. I've added a few (mostly Gundam 00). Tieria Erde's fanlisting isn't there because the site wasn't working. I'll check it out again in a week or two.

That would be all for now. Ta-ta!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Less reason to rejoice

It came from Seiji Mizushima (director of Gundam 00) directly. It was posted on Lockon's page in Wikipedia. He is considered KIA (Killed in action). I hope not... There is still hope, right? I mean, it's just the director and not the manga-ka... But I'm really worried... What if-- No, we must keep faith, no matter what.

Patrick Corlasawar is still alive. Alejandro Corner is really dead. Ali Al Saachez is alive. Graham Acre survived the blast and is now wearing a mask, a Gundam series trademark (Gundam SEED had Rau Le Creuset, Gundam SEED Destiny had Neo Roanoke)... It was only Hallelujah who died. Allelujah and Tieria are MIA (Missing in action). No news on Setsuna. Marina's handmaid left her for unknown reasons. Livonze calls himself the Innovator. Lasse Aion can still be alive. I hope all of them are safe. When October comes rolling in, I'll be afraid to watch it. But right now I'm giddy with suspense...

All this information came from Wikipedia. It's mostly accurate but I hope the bit about Lockon isn't... No offense on that...

Gundam 00 - Episode 25

More reason to rejoice! Episode 25 was a great episode, in spite of Episode 24. I can't wait for October to come rolling in! The ending of Season 1 seemed better than I thought. Season 2 will start on 2312 AD, four years after Season 1. Tieria has gotten a new haircut which is similar to Lockon's. Louise cropped her hair short and Saji is working in space. Celestial Being is still very much alive. Livonze Almanck has created an Alliance of his own. The world has united into one. Graham Acre is still alive but looks like he has a mask on (result of his fight with Setsuna). A mystery character has been shown with brown hair. I think it's Alejandro Corner. Ena thinks its Ali Al Sarshees but we're hoping it's Lockon Stratos. Happy! No news about Allelujah. Nena Trinity seems to be part of the "good" side now. She's working with Wang Liu Mei. There are sort of hints that Setsuna is still alive. The Exia is still there, renamed and resupplied. It's now named 00. There's also a new 0 Gundam... Can't wait for Season 2!!!

Setsuna F. Seiei left a question on my mind because of what he said... "Why are there people who rule, and those who are being ruled? In spite of this, why are people living as they are?"...

Allelujah Haptism also called Soma Peiris the name Marie. She seems to be part of his past and his other half, Hallelujah, knows about this. However, at the end, Hallelujah said goodbye to Allelujah. I think he's not dead... :D

Casualties of war

So much things have been going on in Gundam 00 and we didn't have knowledge of it until yesterday wherein my sister watched episodes 21-23. It's really sad to hear that Lockon's right eye was injured while defending his fellow Gundam Meister, Tieria Erde, from Patrick Corlasawar's (AEU) attack. But it's sadder still to know that he could have met his end... He had been fighting Ali Al Sarshees, KPSA's leader, using his Gundam Dynames when another mobile suit intervened which led to the Dynames's disability. He then fled from his mobile suit and ordered Haro to take the Dynames back to Ptolemaios. He connected his gun to Dynames's sniper and shot down Ali's mobile suit. However, it is unconfirmed whether he's alive still or not. Then, the platform where Lockon was standing exploded, sending him flying. Following these events was Setsuna's arrival from Earth. He saw Lockon floating in space and was about to fly to him when suddenly, the GN Arms exploded. When the smoke cleared, there was no Lockon in sight. However, there is still one flicker of hope. It is unconfirmed whether Lockon is deceased or not. Then there is still reason to rejoice.

However, there are more deaths. In Episode 24, the ship Ptolemaios was attacked by a battle ship with imitation solar reactors and the remaining enemy mobile suits. Alejandro Corner is piloting the battle ship. Lasse Aion and Setsuna F. Seiei have engaged in a fight with him. Tieria and Allelujah/Hallelujah are battling the mobile suits. Nadleeh (Tieria) succeeded in eliminating Patrick Corlasawar, losing both of Nadleehs's legs and head. He then floats away. Hallelujah takes control of the Kyrios and turns into a killing machine, annihilating everything in its path. One of Kyrios's legs seemed severed. Every now and then, the battle ship (Alejandro Corner) releases a particle beam which looks similar to GENESIS from SEED. He targets the Ptolaemaois. Sumergai, Felt, and Ian are riding on a smaller assault ship and desperately fires at the oncoming mobile suits. However, they miss one which goes straight to Ptolemaios and fires its gun. Seeing the danger, Lichtendahl Caeli floats to Christina Sierra and envelops her in an embrace so he could protect her. His right arm and a portion of his hip were severed in the attack. He dies in Christina's arms. Meanwhile, Sumeragi tries to contact them and catches Christina's voice. Christina says her last words to Felt Grace and dies (stabbed on the back). Lichtendahl's last words were, "No kidding... No... kid...". He was referring to Christina when she said that there had been a "good man" beside her all along, only to not notice it. Christina's last words were, "Please change the world.".

Also adding to the death toll is Kinue Crossroad, Saji Crossroad's older sister. Louise Halevy lost her left hand due to an attack from the Trinity Thrones. Michael and Johann Trinity have also died. Nena's whereabouts are unknown for now.

So much dying and hurting... My mind can't take it. War is horrible. Deaths can't be prevented. Who likes war anyway? And why does it happen? No one wills it and yet it comes to us like the Pied Piper, as Walter Blythe often described it. Perhaps it will come to us soon... Or maybe sooner than we imagine. It could be knocking right now at our very doors. Surprisingly, though, I find no tears for them in me, not even for Lockon Stratos... Only a sadness, a deep, aggravating sadness that tears at your soul. It hurts so... Perhaps true war would hurt equally, no, maybe more... But one thing is certain, we can all do something about it. We can all help prevent this horrible future from happening... Through our prayers.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy busy busy!

We had VBS (Vacation Bible School) in church yesterday. My feet hurt from all the standing up and running after kids. But all in all, it was a fun experience. The children learned how to dance the theme song for this year, Sidekicks. It's a fun dance actually, even if the choreography is a bit kiddy. I especially liked our students. We're called the Agent Preps and I'm the Deputy Captain. Isn't that nice? For once I'll be called Deputy Captain. I enjoyed interacting with Alona and Mark Joshua. Alona was the first to call me teacher because she found a piece of bubblegum stuck on her table. You wouldn't know how excited I was when I heard her call me teacher! Oh, I thought Mark Joshua how to properly color a picture because he was having a little difficulty about it. Surprisingly, though, Aries is well-behaved and did not hurt any of his classmates. That was refreshing, at least. We had macaroni and sandwiches for our merienda. When Sis. Susan said that there was food, one of the students asked, "Teacher, may bayad po ba?" I was touched by it. Even a kid was burdened by the problems of our government! Anyway, it was great to see their contented faces eating all that macaroni. Some of them didn't finish their food and took some home. It was a great experience.

After VBS, we went to MB Dream Resort and met with our relatives (mother's side) there. We swam until about 12AM and didn't sleep until 2AM. However, I woke up at 8AM and wasn't able to sleep again so I went to my cousin's cottage and we spent our time waiting there. At about 9AM, we went swimming. Gosh! I presume my swimming has improved! Some of my cousins couldn't swim so they just stuck on to the sides and never to the deep parts. Haha! It was really fun to see my little cousins desperately trying to learn how to swim. Anyway, we went out of the water by 11:30AM. Places in between my legs are red and sore. I think I've got sunburn. They hurt... I guess that's all for now.

I'm currently playing as Bulbasaur in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team. Ja mata!