Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bits of good news

- Dorm and financial assistance forms have been passed

- Watched Smile Episode 1

- Made some great (for me) avatar and signature sets

- Aragaki Yui doesn't drink! Yay!

- MatsuJun might like her... (I'm so yay-ing in this...) MatsuJun x Gakky... <3

- Vito (MatsuJun) is a half Filipino in Smile *insert huge smile here*

- KHQ vets are coming back!

- I'm gonna have new clothes... Wah! Whee! Yay!

- Found an English site that updates with news and pictures about Yui Aragaki. Double yay!!!

What's wrong with KHQ?

Mah. It seems like more foul-mouthed kids/people have come into KHQ. Whatever happened to: "Kids rule!"? There are too many flamers around and it seems that everyone is talking in English! *facepalms self* It seems that the only newbies who survive are those that are like them: foul-mouthed flamers. Gah. I barely see nice KHQers now. But what's fun there now is that the vets are coming back because of the summer break. Hooray! Sadly, some KHQers are leaving also, what with the u_c problem... Hmm... Where's the boss when you need the boss? And where's Kuya Micael?.. Hehe... It could be we're asking too much from Kuya Micael... Gah.

But, we still have to continue the vision that KHQ is a kid-friendly site. I'll try my best to censor ugly words...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

JDrama - Smile

This JDrama stars Matsumoto Jun in the role of Hayakawa Vito, a half Filipino half Japanese guy. He smiles a lot and is a hard worker even though the people around him discriminate him because of his Filipino side. By a chance of fate, he meets Mishima Hana (played by Aragaki Yui) in a bookshop, a girl who lost her voice because of an accident. (Ooh... She loves pigs too and wishes on them...) However, Vito's past catches up with him. Kondo, an acquaintance from before, plants stimulants (drugs...) on Vito's locker. The police takes him into custody and nobody believes Vito because he's half Filipino! Oh, the discrimination!

Meh. I hope Episode 2 will get subbed soon...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Updates on UPD Enrollment

Pre-Enlisment Schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday:
8:30AM-10:00AM > Biology
10:00AM-11:00AM > Foundations of Physical Fitness
11:30AM-1:00PM > Biotechnology

Wednesday and Friday:
7:00AM-8:30AM > Philippine History
8:30AM -10:00AM > Archaeology
11:30AM-1:00PM > Creative Writing

Medical Check-up Result: Fit to enroll

STFAP Application: not yet passed

Dorm Application for Kalayaan Hall: not yet passed

JActress - Yui Aragaki

Name: Aragaki Yui (新垣結衣)
Nicknames: Gakky (ガッキー), Yuibo (ゆいぼ)
Profession: actress, model, singer, seiyu, occasional radio host
Birthdate: June 11, 1988
Birthplace: Naha, Okinawa, Japan
Height: 167 cm (approximately 5'6 feet)
Star Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: A
Family: Parents and two older sisters
Talent Agency: LesPros

TV Shows:
Smile (2009)
Code Blue SP (2009)
Code Blue (2008)
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan (2007)
My Boss My Hero (2006)
Galcir (2006)
Kanojo no Koibumi (2006)
True Love (2006)
Onna no Ichidaiki: Koshiji Fubuki (2005)
Dragon Zakura (2005)
Sh15uya (2005)

TV Show Theme Songs:
Make my day - theme song for Hachi-One Driver

Movie Theme Songs:
Heavenly Day - theme song for Koizora/Sky of Love

Ballad: Namonaki Koi no Uta (2009)
Fure Fure Girl (2008)
Koizora/Sky of Love (2007)
Koisuri Madori (2007)
Waruboro (2007)

Glico Pocky (2006)
NTT East (2006)
CibaVision Dailies Aqua (2006)
Meiji Chocolate (2005)
JT Senoby (2005)

Education: Naha Elementary School, Ozato Middle School, Sunrise High School
Hobbies: Karaoke, reading manga and drawing

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Japanese words and phrases

"Kekkon dekiru?" - Will I ever get married?

"Zutto ikite ne" - Live on forever.

"Nikki" - Diary

"Usotsuki" - Liar

"Kowai" - I'm scared.

Some stuff from 1 Litre of Tears... Meh. I might post some quotes from Kito Aya's diary itsuka...

1 Litre of Tears - Episodes 10 to 11

These two episodes are evidently the most dramatic in the series. Episode 1o is entitled, "Love letter", while episode 11 is entitled, "Far away, where there are no tears left to cry."

In episode 10, Aya decides to break up with Asou-kun by writing him a love letter since she can't say some things to him face to face. Aya also asks her mother, "Kekkon dekiru?", which means, "Will I ever get married?".

Episode 11, the final episode, marks the conclusion of Aya's disease. Her health goes downhill and she could no longer walk. Asou-kun visits Aya for one last time, bringing with him a post card sent to Aya by a young highschool girl with the same disease. He reads it to her. Aya, with all her remaining strength, pushes the curtains open and tells Asou-kun that even though she was no longer able to walk, she was able to help people through the excerpts of her diary which Takano-san had kindly published.

Aya goes home to spend Christmas with her family. This was to be the last time they would all be together so everyone tries to make it a beautiful memory. What touched me in this part was when Shioka gave presents to Ako, Hiroki, and Rika. It turned out that they were presents from their neechan. Each present was highly symbolic of Aya's gratitude and apology to her siblings.

However, Aya's disease continues to grow more and more dangerous. The next scenes show that Aya has already lost her voice. She now uses a hiragana-card to spell out what she wants to say. Asou-kun visits her for the last time. Aya tells him to read her "nikki" which means diary in Japanese. He reads them loudly (excerpts from Kito Aya's diary) and cries as he realizes how hard she is trying to live on. Aya then falls asleep, still smiling as Asou-kun points out. In her dreams, she sees herself in the basketball court, scoring each basket beautifully.

The scene is cut short with a loud alarm coming from Aya's room. Five years have now passed. Dr. Mizuno and a group of nurses come in and ushers Aya's parents outside. Death had now taken Aya. Someone screams her name out loud into the night.

A year later, Aya's parents are shown visiting her grave. They are surprised to see Dr. Mizuno there also. He tells them that Aya was such a great person. Suddenly, more people come up to them, some healthy, some sick. These were all the people who have been touched by Aya's story.

The credits show that Kito Aya's diary has sold more than 18, 000, 000 copies. Aya's youngest sister, Rika, is working as a private tutor. Hiroki is now a policeman and Ako is, like their mother, a health consultant.

- - - - -

Overall, this series is one of the best ever. I hope it also makes a great impact when it is shown here in the Philippines.

Friday, April 24, 2009

How disappointing...

I searched eBay awhile ago to see if I could find an English translation of Kito Aya's diary. I didn't find anything, but I did find a DVD of the series and the SP. The series DVD cost 135.oo. The movie cost 65.00. Sugoi, nee? But the problem was the payment. Mah. How come I don't have a bank account yet?..

*sulk sulk sulk*

1 Litre of Tears - Episode 9

This was a really nice episode. The first part was really funny. Ehe. Otosan is good at cracking jokes, nee?

Mah. This is perhaps the most romantic episode ever. Asou-kun finally confessed to Aya~

"I like you. Maybe. Probably."


Narumi Riko's role is really touching... She got into Higashikou too and decided to wear her Aya-nee's uniform. Isn't that a sweet little sister?

Asou-kun also answered the "future path sheet". Yay~ He's decided to become a doctor. Gambatte, Asou-kun!

And here are some nice quotes from the episode I wanted to share...

Asou-kun: If you want to walk, no matter how slow it'll be, I'll walk with you.

Aya: Isn't it great that I could pass on a dream I had given up on?

From 1 Litre of Tears (diary): People shouldn't dwell on the past. It's enough to try your best in all that you're doing now.

The next episode contains some hard-core drama, basing on the preview. Gotta get the tissues ready.

Thursday, April 23, 2009



I noticed just now that some of my previous posts were pretty short. Maybe I need to lengthen them up a bit. After watching Inkheart, starring Brendan Fraser, I'm once again inspired to write stories... Which reminds me of my fanfiction, "Sunny Love." I haven't been able to update it for a month, I think... Gotta grab the pen.


1 Litre of Tears - Episode 8

So far, this episode surpassed the drama of Episode 6. This episode is entitled, "1 Litre of Tears", and it is rightly named. Here, Aya finally decides on her future - a school for the disabled - that is, after overhearing a class discussion led by Tomita-san about her condition. Asou-kun intervenes and defends Aya (URESHII~). He also uses the term "omae" - which is an informal way of saying "you" in Japanese - while speaking to his teacher. After saying some heart-touching stuff, he runs out of the room and helps Aya by carrying her down the stairs. The two of them spend a tearful scene outside the school (specifically, in the place where they first meet) as depicted by the screenshot above. Aya announces her decision to her family, to which she tells her mother not to quit her health consultant job and her father to quit his part-time job. Everyone is relieved. The next day, Aya announces her decision to her classmates and thanks them. All of them are reduced to crying, even Tomita-san. About to leave the school grounds, Aya and her parents are temporarily stopped by her classmates. They sing the song, "March 9th" - their song for the choir competition - as a goodbye song to Aya (led by Asou-kun).

Aya's speech, while she was saying goodbye, was very nice and touching.

- - - - -

Oh. We also found a site with the English translation of Kito Aya's diary, "1 Litre of Tears":

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1 Litre of Tears - Episode 6

This episode is probably the most dramatic episode yet. Narumi Riko's acting is just flawless. Her portrayal of Ako Ikeuchi is so realistic. I wanted to cry on the part where she was lecturing Sanada Yuma (Hiroki Ikeuchi) about his embarassment of their Aya-nee (played by Erika Sawajiri). That lecture was truly heart-breaking and one could see that Ako's viewpoint on her nee-chan really changed.

This series is really one of the best I've ever watched.

1 Litre of Tears episode synopses can be found here, courtesy of DramaWiki:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kito Aya

This is Kito Aya - the spinocerebellar degeneration disease patient whose story inspired a drama and a movie in Japan. I personally think that this picture of her is an inspiring one so I decided to post it here. Even though she is long gone because of this cruel disease, her story will continue to inspire lives and to make us all cry. She is now one of my role models.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gokusen 3

My sister and I finished this series last Saturday. It was 11 episodes long, starring Yukie Nakama as Yamaguchi Kumiko, the energetic teacher.

In this series, she is once more assigned to Class 3-D in Akadou Academy. Here she meets the two ring leaders, Kazama Ren (Miura Haruma) and Ogata Yamato (Takaki Yuya). In spite of all the trouble and sadness, Yankumi (as her class lovingly calls her) and the class overcome different obstacles regarding their lives and loves. Also, the class starts to see and believe in each other, forming a friendship each one of them will remember all through their lives.

Yes, it is quite repetitive but the Gokusen series never fails to inspire.

Frankly, I liked this series better than the others.

1 Litre of Tears

It is said in various websites that this particular story is a true tear-jerker. And that holds true. This drama is based on the diary written by Kito Aya as long as she was able to write. So what exactly is the content?

In the drama, Ikeuchi Aya is a 15 year old with many possibilities in life. She is an upcoming highschool student, a basketball player, and a smart girl. However, life is cruel. She is diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration disease, a rare disorder wherein one's cerebellum slowly shrinks. Little by little, the patient will not be able to stand, speak, or even write freely. The drama is all about Aya's life from this diagnosis until her death.

This drama is highly recommended. It will be shown on GMA-7 on April 27, 2009 (I think...).

Monday, April 13, 2009


I've finally finished Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper. It's bye bye Bran, I guess. Boohoo. But I was sort of disappointed in our raven boy because he didn't go to where his great father, King Arthur, was going. He stayed on Earth. And Jane. Grrr. Throw that girl away! Yeah, I know she played some big part in the series but she's just... Aah. I don't know. I just don't like her character. Poor John Rowlands. He lost his Blodwen.

I'll surely miss Bran, Cafal, and Will.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vacation Day 2: Baguio

I awoke with a pain on my lower right jaw. On instinct, I reached up to touch it and found a bump. Ooh. Just like what my sister had weeks ago. I also had an ache in my head which spelled fever. I was sick, that's what.

After some breakfast, I swallowed one Biogesic and Centrum. I felt quite better and changed my clothes. A few minutes later, we started for Baguio.

The journey was pretty short. We took the Naguilian Road which seemed pretty scary to me. It felt like I wanted to throw up, but I didn't. The view was terrific but the curves were horrible. Short and sharp they were. Ugh.

We reached Baguio at about 9 or 10 in the morning. We ate at a nearby eatery and went on our own ways. My family and I went to the skating rink where my sister and cousin tried some roller-skating. It was pretty hard and we were laughing all the time they were skating. It was a nice experience.

Next, we went to the public market and bought some pasalubong, brooms, and vegetables. It started raining by the time we were leaving the market and soon enough, we were soaked when we arrived at the car. My fever was heightened by this incident and I felt more sickly.

When everyone was present, we started to depart from Baguio. We took the Marcos Highway. The road was wide but long. There weren't many vehicles which was great.

We reached Dagupan and some relatives decided to buy bagoong. For some weird reason, I started crying... Boohoo. I felt like a sucker there.

The ride home was pretty looooooooooooooong. It was kinda boring. Gah. But overall, it was nice.

Vacation Day 1: La Union

April 9, 2009

It was almost 6AM when we left Pampanga. The travelling was pretty long since we had to pass several provinces just to get to La Union. It was fun, though. The scenery outside the windows were nice and breath-taking. We passed by some farms which were filled with rice, corn, and tobacco plants. It was really pretty.

It was 12PM when we reached Branz Cottages, where we stayed for the night. My cousins, siblings, and I checked out the beach. The shore was kinda short, at least a meter or two from the sea. The sand was dark and so was the water. It looked pretty discouraging to me so I wasn't that excited on taking a swim. My sister, on the other hand, was purely ecstatic.

After some delicious lunch, I retired to our room and took up Susan Cooper's Silver on the Tree. I finished only one chapter, though, for I was too tired to read. (We had slept only for an hour or two.) I went to sleep after that.

When I woke up, I found out that my uncles had hired a boat and we were to go to the other side of the beach where the sand was white and the water clear. Frankly, I was happy. I quickly changed into my swimming clothes and joined them on the shore where we waited for the boat. Luckily, I was part of the first batch of "pilgrims" to ride the boat.

Upon arriving at the beach, I noticed that it looked like something you would see underwater. The rocks looked as if they were made of bones of corals. They were big and horribly uneven. Small snails and barnacles stuck to the rocks everywhere. It was pretty creepy. The sea here, however, was pretty clear, though, it reallly looked as if it belonged underwater. There were seaweeds everywhere and different kinds they were. Some even looked like the grasses we have here on land. My sister and I immediately explored the rocks. We found some pretty shells but I don't think we brought some home. Ehe.

We took a lot of pictures there. I especially liked the pictures I took of the setting sun. It was really pretty.

We went back to the cottages when the sun was just about to set. We had dinner and soon went to sleep. We'll be going to Baguio the next day.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Graduation was...

One great memory!

I did quite well in my speech (I think). Some people say they were crying while I was speaking (:P)... The singing part was fun too. However, the thing I liked most was the Honoring of Parents. Almost all of us were crying. I started crying when I saw Cassie's mom's eyes. She was very teary-eyed.

Before my turn came to speak, I told myself that I wouldn't cry. But, when the microphone was given to me and I said, "Mommy, Daddy...", the tears just started to flow and I wallowed like a baby. It was kinda embarassing because almost every word I said has a *sniff* in the middle. My nose was running badly and my face was hidden because I bowed my head (ehe...). Altogether, though, it was a nice experience because we got to express our feelings well.

The parents were also crying (even the parents of undergraduates).

All seventeen of us graduated. Yay!

This is surely one event I would never forget. I'll post my valedictorian speech next time. And the list of awards... Ehe.

By the way, I got 3,100 pesos. Ehe...

Friday, April 3, 2009


'Tis graduation tomorrow.

I should be revising my speech now but what am I doing?


*looks for more Akito pictures*

Cutie Alert - Kiriyama Akito

Aww... Isn't that cute?

This is Kiriyama Akito. He plays the role of Satoru Kuraki in Gokusen 3. He's a member of the J-Pop group B.A.D., with Nakama Junta (who is a fellow actor in Gokusen 3). Akito has starred in only one JDrama as of now, but I'm quite positive that he'll get into more dramas soon... Heh heh.

That's all. See ya!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Woohoo! I've finally bought all the books in the "Dark is rising" series. I've spent roughly 150 pesos in all five books. Quite a nifty price for good reads, right? Booksale rocks!

Mom arrives

She arrived from Qatar last March 31. :D

What else? We're very happy! :D