Saturday, February 28, 2009

Prom 2009

Prom started at 6:00PM last night. It was held in the Lewis Grand Hotel. Yup, that's me at the fabulous, carpeted staircase. I love my black-and-white gown... *sigh* I also had gloves on.

Anyway, it was great. Better than last year. Duh.

There was a wooden dancefloor on the center of the function hall. There were different colored lights and everything was just great about it. The food, especially. Haha. After all those days of eating less...

Here are some of the highlights of the event:

- cotillion
- production number
- dinner!
- dancing (slow included)
- games
- gowns
- venue

I was asked to danced three times: Marvin, Nathaniel, and Patrick.

The picture below shows the memorabilias I got from the event:

From L to R: candle, snowglobe (glitterglobe maybe?), give-away, 18 pins which were stuck on my hair, rose wristlet, sash, speech for the key of responsibility

That's about all. The night was great. I'm posting my prom pics on my Friendster profile.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Waiting waiting waiting...

It's February 27 today and only a few more hours before JS Prom. It's 4:05PM in the laptop right now. I just got myself made-up for 300 pesos. :D Good price, ne?

I'm going to wear a black and white gown. Pretty gothic. Matches the chandeliers in the place, I guess. heh heh...

Me? Not kind of excited at all.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Best dressed for me

Yes, that is Halle Berry in the Academy Awards. I just love that gown of hers. Black and gold and so fab. The hair rocks too! I want that hair! Oh gimme gimme! :D And the fact that she is lovelier now that she's a mom is amazing. She's such a great gal. I wonder if she'll make an appearance on X-Men Origins? I'll be looking forward to Jackman's dreamy face there... Ooh. Nosebleed. I'm melting into a cheese puddle right now. Gah. Bye.

The 81st Academy Awards

See that? That's Hugh Jackman! He's the host of the Academy Awards this year and he was just super great. Not only with his uber cool looks but also with his opening performance. That was a remarkable performance for me. One that will win a place in my heart forever. :D I love Hugh Jackman.

I'm overly obsessed again, am I not?

Anyway, Slumdog Millionaire won the most awards. I personally think the movie was great even though I haven't watched it. I'm basing on reviews, people.

As expected, Kate Winslet won the Best Actress award. I thought Brad Pitt would win the Best Actor award but it was Sean Penn who won the award. Oh well. Homosexuality rocks now? Nah.

I'm so happy Wall-E won the Best Animated Movie award. I knew it was coming. That was a great movie.

Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor. A tribute to Ledger, I guess. Penelope Cruz won Best Supporting Actress. She's a pretty Spanish girl. :D

I'm glad that Departures won. Why? It's a Japanese movie, that's why.

So sad Ploning didn't make the cut. It would have been a milestone for the Philippine Movie Industry. Better luck next time, guys!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


The flower pictured here is the fleur-de-lis. I learned a while ago that this is my birthday flower. In French, it means "flower of the lily" or "flower of light." It has been used many times by different kings like Louis VI but it is most significant to King Clovis I who united the Franks. It was his symbol.

Legend has it that when Clovis I was born, a golden lily appeared on his cradle to symbolize his authority.

Since then, it has been used in various coat-of-arms and shields to symbolize light or purity. Some famous people who used this symbol are Joan of Arc, Clovis I, and Louis VI or VII.

The three petals of the fleur-de-lis, as the Church says, signifies the Holy Trinity.

Today, it is used in various stuff such as tattoos and keychains.

Here is one of the famous depictions of the fleur-de-lis today:

Just wanted to share some information. Try finding your birthday flower here: Enjoy~

Friday, February 20, 2009

Teacher's Day 2009

Woohoo! Another big event has passed that made us all exhausted to bits: Teacher's Day. The theme for this year was the Oscar Awards. We gave gold spray painted bottles to the teachers with messages inside. There was also a handmade tag with their name and an avatar made in the website of

I can say that it was fun according to the comments. As for me, I thought it was a bit dry but whatever... We enjoyed the rush and everything...

Still exhausted. Will be finding gloves tomorrow for the HS Night. Bye bye~

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm lovin' it

The hottest Japanese actor for me right now is none other than Kimura Ryo who is pictured on the left right there... Kawaii, nee?

So cute! I'll watch Puzzle, Akai Ito, and Check it out yo!! In Tokyo soon after I finish Zettai Kareshi. I'm still in the fog about what his roles are in those dramas but it's all bound to be cute and... fresh. :D

That's all.


Standing up for a friend

News about the thief roared back to life again last week. Seems there's a new suspect on the still-unsolved case: a classmate with the pseudonym of Roger. Yes, Roger with the innocence of a child (not to mention the mind of a child). The three of us (Cassie, Crimson, and I) hated the idea. I mean, Roger didn't look like the thief, no matter what angle you look at. Adding to that, he can never do that. He has a girlfriend, a nice family, and God. What did he need to steal for?

So the three of us stood up for him. We were nervous because it seemed like the whole class was speaking evil stuff about Roger. We felt really bad for him. And they were saying it behind his back, which hurt more than ever. We planned to tell him and our nerves were wracking like crazy. Finally, when we had him all alone, we told him and he was like: O.0. Completely shocked. Crimson and I knew then that he wasn't the thief. Never was the thief in the first place. I felt then that we grew closer to Roger than we ever were. Yes, it feels really weird now.

We asked the opinion of others regarding our actions and they all agreed on what we did. It was very refreshing to know that we did the right thing.

Quick little update

It's been so long since I've posted in my blog. Gah! Does that mean I have to remove the cobwebs all over again? Or burn the trash that's been cluttering up? *sigh* Anyway, here are a few updates about what happened to my life after Nov 21, 2008...

* Highest score in NCAE result
* UP Diliman passer
* Score of 125 on PNUAT
* Passed FEU with chance of scholarship
* Will study in UPD
* Miss Senior in upcoming prom
* part of the Student Council
* owns 87 books
* getting back into shape again
* losing all of her money
* reviewing some online stuff
* haven't written a fanfic for months
* stood up for a friend
* getting back into God

That's all, I guess... I really liked the last two on the list. I'll tell more about the second to the last on the next post...