Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today in school

Our airconditioner broke down in school a while ago and it was freakin' hot. It started in Geometry class (which is 1:00PM) and continued until AP (or History class in America or some other place). Geometry was cool and we had a new lesson which is 'The Slope of a Line'. Our teacher gave us an assignment and I was trying to solve it for a very long time (an hour or two actually but that's long enough) and I haven't figured it out yet. My brain is just going whack over the problems and I can't get it right. The light was sort of dim but that's not the problem. I was concentrating well enough even if I'm watching American Idol while doing my assignment. Oh well, I'll just ask my classmates tomorrow about it. I'm kind of wondering if they're going through the same mind torture... Well, anyway, Filipino was easy. We played Mario Kart DS all throughout the time because our teacher was out and she was kind enough to give us free time. Mario Kart DS was a great game and I enjoyed Rainbow Road and Bowser's (or Browder's) Castle. It was all a bit like Crash Bandicoot only smaller. However, it was still great. And because of that, I almost forgot to review for our test in History class about the Spanish and Portugal feud about exploration. Fortunately, though, I got past through it with a 23 over 25. The second mistake was really stupid of me not to notice because it was a spelling problem. And I was supposed to be good in spelling because I was a Spelling Bee champion before! Hello? I could've seen that. Anyway, after that, because it was super hot we went outside. The Sophomores were in the Fire Exit playing volleyball. If you were wondering, the Fire Exit is a big grassy place with a playground and a volleyball court. It has very high walls and a huge gate on one side. Anyway, as I was saying, they were playing volleyball and they invited us, the Juniors, to a friendly match (which we deduced we'd win). The game had three rounds, with us winning the 1st, losing the 2nd, and finally winning the third. We were simply ecstatic with joy even if we didn't get to play (I wanted to but the boys got to play first) because we were our class' cheerleaders. Actually, there were only three of us - my two best friends (and fellow bookworms) and I. It was fun, though.
The fun part came, however, when class was dismissed. Yeah, I know dismissal is fun but it's not exactly that. Dad was driving an owner-type jeep. I don't know if they got that on other countries but here in the Philippines we sure got lots of them! In case you don't know what it looks like, I'll sort of describe it for you. The jeep is small (kind of like the stuff you see in the military only it's shorter). It's a top-down sort of vehicle (I don't really know if that's the correct term for that but I guess you'd understand). The back part is mostly bare and there are only two seats and they're in front. Half of the back part was not really shaded so the sun came and shone down on the jeep. My sister and I liked to sit there and Dad allowed us so we sat there for the rest of the ride home. It was fun even if I could feel the sun beating down on my back. The people we passed were cool and it's refreshing to see people doing stuff they should do. It's really nice to ride on a owner-type jeep. Some people think it's absolutely cheap but if you really experienced the ride (as in really experienced and not just for the sake of riding it) you'll find out it's really sort of cool and fun. I loved it! Well, as they say, the littlest things in life are the ones that give us happiness.
That's it all for now. I hope to write more soon. Buh-bye!
P.S. I've finished reading 'Anne of Ingleside' and is now starting to read 'Rainbow Valley'. I find Jem and Walter sweet and caramellistic...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The things that fascinate me...

I would like to return in the 1900s and walk around in Canada, or in Montgomery's make-believe Avonlea. I do think that the surroundings are lovely. The weather is so fine then, don't you think? Almost no pollution... I hope we lived in a world like that. If we could only turn the strands of time back... Oh, and the flowers! The flowers are humongously lovely in those parts! We bought some flowers a while ago (a gumamela and bougainvilleas - I don't think I spelled that right... ). Someday when I have my own house I'd like it to have a really wide space for a garden and there'd be roses in it! Oh, lovely white and blood-red roses! I'd have them all around! My sister asked Dad if a house really needs a garden. He says that even a garden inside would be necessary and beautiful. I think that would be more convenient since it saves space but... The very thought of having lilies, daisies, and roses in pots inside your house! Simply unthinkable! That would be so un-romantic, as red-headed Anne Shirley would put it. When I have my garden I'd have it outside, with landscaping of course. And then the butterflies would come all year round and the air will be full of their sweetness (or caramellistic sweetness). Oh how lovely it will be! The very thought of it makes my heart leap with uncontainable joy. Nothing would suffice me as to see a very beautiful rose garden. I dread vegetable gardens because the fat catterpillars would rummage all over it and that'd be unbearable for me. I have a fear of bugs but not much as to scream whenever I see one.
However, what I don't like about the 1900s was that they didn't have cars. Cars are such fascinating things, don't you think? Really, I'd like to have a BMW someday but Dad is stating the obvious that we won't have a chance to buy one so I'm not keeping my hopes at it. It would be too troublesome to keep on hoping for nothing. There is one thing I could hope for, though. It would be to live for all eternity beside my Savior whom I live for to serve. The worst case scenario would be to stand in His presence only to be judged to go to Hell.
You could have noticed that I have been writing in my blog more than ever. It's because dear Anne Shirley (or Mrs. Anne Blythe, for that matter) has been imploring my literate mind to write and write and write. I would like it very much if I could keep a notebook with me at all times with which I could write all my thoughts into, only I don't have such a trusty notebook. But I'll find one, at least. Then it won't give me a guilty feeling to open the computer every single day. That's it for now!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Today is a happy day

Today is a very happy day for me! It's not because I saw Danny's pics again. It's not because I watched my favorite anime show... There are a million tons of things why this day is a very happy one for me but I will focus on two main things. First of all, I've finally recited all of our memory verses for this year (PBA - Pastor's Bible Award). That's a lot of memorization, you know? Now, I've got at least something out of my mind. Second, I've finally completed our collection of "Anne" books! I've finally bought "Anne of Ingleside" by L.M. Montgomery for 70 pesos in BookSale. It was just sitting there in all of its glory in the shelf and I managed to chance upon it. It was like finding a needle in a haystack! These books are really rare these days that's why I value them so much. I'll start reading it tomorrow in school.

Finally! Those are two loads out of my mind! See you next time!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What I like about today...

The trees in this season are perfectly lovely and I simply adore them! They are so green and fresh and young and inviting! The air is delicious with their scent and because it is cool these days. I have been woken up twice last night because of the cold. Even at times when it should be burning hot, the air is still cool. It gives me shivers whenever I wash my hands and let them dry.

I liked school today because two of the notorious people in our class got scolded... Haha.

That would be all for now.

P.S. Prom was great! Check out our pics in my Friendster profile.