Friday, May 30, 2008

Romeo x Juliet

Finally! I'm finished watching the anime series Romeo x Juliet. It was 24 episodes long and it took me around a month to finish because of sheer laziness (Grr...).

Episode 24 was veeery sad... *sobs* But at least they fulfilled their vow and were together eternally... Neo Verona is much more beautiful now... Francisco and Tybalt are much more cuter now~!! Antonio is a young man now and he's waay cuter than before...

Hmm... It's a bye-bye to one of the best animes I've watched so far.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Whoa! Outburst!

"I don't think Kuya Micael is abandoning his duties or whatsoever... Everybody needs a break and he needs it.Do you know why KHQ is suffering like this?It's because of the stubborness of some (I didn't say all) of the KHQ members. It's because they don't know when to stop when they're told. It's because they don't know how to listen.Do you think being a mod is that easy?Of course it isn't! It requires giant responsibility! And it's because of the responsibility that he's taking a break."

This was what I said in a post in "Aqua Mudkip's Staff Report". I've been wanting to say that for ever so long and here it is. Yay! Yes, it's one part happiness but two parts sadness. For one, I'll be stuck in warfare (fun!) and the other is the possibility of KHQ members hating me forever. Haha... Whatever... We'll see... :D

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Wednesday - We went to Divine Shepherd Medical Center at around 5PM to take Mom there. She'll spend the night there since her operation is due at 7:30Am the next morning. The hospital was huge and most of it was white (as other hospitals are). I like the inside pretty well. Some of the corridors have their lights turned off (maybe because they're cutting expenses). There weren't a lot of patients in. Mom was taken into ward with 6 beds. Fortunately, there were no patients there and we had the room all to ourselves. It was like we had a private room. My sister and I didn't sleep there. My dad did. We were taken home by my aunt. Before going home, we bought some food because it was the birthday of one of my aunts. We had ice cream, fried chicken, and some bread.

Thursday - Mom had her operation. My sister and I arrived there at around 11AM but she wasn't in the ward yet so we waited for an hour, at least. When she came in she was all pale. It's like she wasn't herself... But she was alright. This day is the hardest since she had to stay in bed all day, complaining of a headache because of the anesthesia. We stayed there until 9PM, then we left.

Friday - My sister and I went to the hospital again at around 10AM. Mom was due to go home this day. She could walk around now and eat. She couldn't eat on Thursday and she was very hungry... We went home at around noon.

Saturday - We're all at home... It's been raining heavily the whole week... I hope it won't rain on 24 *wink*... There was a black out earlier but it's alright now...

Fancy that! I've missed blogging... Ta-ta for now.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Honest month - Over

So so... I knew it. Honest month was broken in just a few days... Always expected this. It was working at first (kudos to Kuya Micael for the idea) but it looks like someone broke it. Need to get to the bottom of this...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More KHQ-ers to take care of

Recently, I adopted two more KHQ-ers: iWumbo and nickelodoen_guru. iWumbo is a good son. He's really fun. I haven't had much PM-ing with nickelodoen_guru but she's a Narnia fan so that's good to hear and... She likes Reepicheep! Reepicheep is just cute... (Don't you think?)

Anyway, I have three children now: frustrated_wolf, iWumbo, and nickelodoen_guru.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day <3

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there! I wish you love and blessings in your life~!!

We had a busy day in church today. The Sunday School kids sang "Oh, happy day" and danced "Jesus is my Superhero" for their mothers. Bunny planters (with plastic flowers) and personalized hand towels were given away to the mothers.

During the afternoon, we had VBS. About 8 or 10 students were absent in our class. But still, it was fun. The friendship story of David and Jonathan was pretty cool to me. It isn't easy being in a situation like theirs and they prevailed with the help of God. It's truly a inspiring story. The kids seemed to have fun, which is the most important thing. They brought home small banners with the words, "God's power is unshakeable" written on them. During the last Assembly time, there was a Q&A about the day's lesson and everyone enjoyed. Yay~

After church (at about 5:30PM), we went to SM Clark to celebrate Mother's Day. We ate in French Baker. While waiting for the food to be served, my sister and I went to Booksale. Imagine my frustration when I saw new Anne books: Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, Anne's House of Dreams, Anne of Ingleside, and Rilla of Ingleside! Alas! We spent four to five months rummaging for those books in Booksale and this one time... But anyway, I didn't find any other L.M. Montgomery books. I did see a Hardy Boys book but I'm not interested in it so I didn't buy it. There was also a new issue of Candy out but I didn't buy it 'cause money is short. I'll probably buy it next month (T_T).

The day has been pretty good to me. :D

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"The happiest countries, like the happiest women, have no history," said Dean.
"I hope I'll have a history," cried Emily. "I want a thrilling career."
"We all do, foolish one. Do you know what makes history? Pain - and shame - and rebellion - and bloodshed and heartache. Star, ask yourself how many hearts ached - and broke - to make those crimson and purple pages in history that you find so enthralling..."

And it looks like a part of my history has begun. Secrets have been uncovered and my heart is in the depths of despair. I feel sadness fathoms and fathoms deep, something you could never unearth. It's very tiresome. I feel different, as if there is something alien within me.

She never told us, never meant to until today. Maybe it was better if we never knew because it hurt much. I never knew the situation weighed this heavy...

But after all, the smile is always there to hide your pain and sorrow in. So we must smile, after all.

But we must still trust in God no matter what happens. We must give it all to Him, entrust our very lives and will to Him and Him alone.

Finished: Emily of New Moon

After some time, I've finally finished reading Emily of New Moon. It actually took long, for me. Usually, it takes me only a day to finish an L.M. Montgomery novel... I've finished Anne of the Island in 5 hours straight.

Anyway, the ending was nice and I liked Ilse best. She is such a sweet, charming girl. I imagine she's awfully pretty.

I can't wait to read (and find) Emily Climbs.

Friday, May 9, 2008

New Book: Emily of New Moon

Yay! Finally after ages I bought a new book: L.M. Montgomery's Emily of New Moon, the first in the Emily novels. It cost 70 pesos in Booksale (Hey, where's the better deal?). I also found the second book, Emily Climbs, but, unfortunately, money was short. I also saw Gary Paulsen's Brian's Winter. It cost only 15 pesos and I doubt if I'll find one again because I didn't buy it. I also found two video tapes of Anne of Green Gables for 50 pesos but didn't buy it...

Anyway, Emily of New Moon is a story about an orphan girl named Emily Byrd Starr. After her father's death from consumption, the Murrays, her mother's family, decides to adopt her. She is then taken to New Moon Farm. On the care of her stern Aunt Elizabeth.

I'm in Chapter 8 right now and I'll post back when I'm done. Ta-ta for now.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Romeo X Juliet

I started watching Romeo X Juliet last week and I am in love with it! Totally! I absolutely love the opening song, "Inori ~ You Raise Me Up ~", sang by Korean-American singer, Lena Park. It's the Japanese cover for the song "You Raise Me Up".

The setting looks like Europe in the past. It's actually a country in the sky called Neo Verona. The people are divided into two: nobility and the commonpeople. The nobility is composed of the House of Lords. Neo Verona is ruled by a Duke and the titled is passed on to the heir (in this case, it's Romeo Candore Van To Montague).

The characters are nicely drawn. I love Francisco and Benvolio. Romeo is charming and Juliet is very pretty. I find the storyline nice and easy to understand.

I very much recommended this anime to any otaku. It's good to watch and, even though it doesn't follow Shakespeare's original plot, the story is played out nicely.

What happened today...

We stayed the whole day on church today. We had a regular service on the morning and VBS in the afternoon. It's really quite tiring since I'm not feeling well at all after we ran in the rain last night. I can feel a fever coming and my nose is stuffy. Anyway, we had a great day and everyone was cooperative. Aries was well-behaved but he kept going in and out of the room so we always had to tag along behind him. He usually went to Sis. Pia's room because his older brother is there. Duane was sick this afternoon but he still went. Several students were absent. Rafael was reported to have been sick. Today's lesson was about Queen Esther. They danced the song, "Sidekicks" during Assembly time today...

The Agent Preps are doing well but we got a demerit because they kept going in and out of the room (usually to pee). The Mightors also got a demerit because they didn't do well during the yells. Only the Defenders got a merit because they were well-behaved (they were aged 10-12).

The kids had Fudgee Bars and juice for snacks. We, the staff, got pancit, sandwiches, and juice. It was all good.