Sunday, December 30, 2007

A whirlwind of events

So many things have been going on this month of December. Christmas has just passed and I'm very happy about it. I'm also half-sad 'cause not one of my classmates greeted me a 'Merry Christmas', that is, except for Aldwin and Geneva. But even without those, my Christmas has been good and special. I received a nice shirt and bag from my aunt. My money reached up to 850 pesos this year. Haha. I bought books with it. Oh yeah... Here are my new books: Rilla of Ingleside, Anne of the Island, At the Altar, and The Story Girl (all of them are written by Lucy Maud Montogomery). I bought them all from Booksale (Lucky!). I also got to read Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie. It's a very inspiring book and a must-read. It's light-reading but the contents are very heavy. Still, all the contents bring us all back to the subject of love. Morrie shares that the best thing in life is to "give out love and receive it". I also like the bit about confusing our needs for our wants. Morrie gives us an example. I quote, "You need food. You want a chocolate sundae. You don't need the best car or the biggest house." This book made a huge impact on my life. What Morrie says is equally true for all of us. Though we may try to hide it, everything Morrie says is true for us all.

We're going to spend our New Year's Eve on St. Augustine Village (where my grandma and grandpa form mother's side lives). I'm excited and giddy! Haha...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yesterday's events

So many things happened yesterday! There was the Bethlehem Live!, my new book, and my projects... Perhaps I write all of it down..?

Bethlehem Live!
CEMI held this event for 3 days (Dec.21-23). It was a representation of the city where our Savior was born. It was complete! It had beggars, soldiers, tax collectors, citizens, and even jailed people! Of course, there was a manger with Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. There was a mall where one can buy stuff (our projects in school). We bought our projects in school. It was a cool experience 'cause you get to see these things and it's so fun! It looks almost like you stepped into a time warp!

Nancy Drew in Campus #21: Love and Betrayal
I bought this book when we went to Nepo Mall after visiting Bethlehem Live! As usual, I bought it in Booksale. It was priced 50 pesos. It was a rare find, you know? Bookstores seldom sell these now and I believe they're already out of print. Anyway, Nancy Drew in Campus tackles deeper genres like love and lust. Here, Nancy goes to school with Bess and George in Wilder University (I think). Ned and Nancy have broken up. George got this boyfriend named Will and Bess' boyfriend, Paul, just died. It's really sad how Nancy and Ned broke up considering the years they've been together. Anyway, in #21, George is still scared because she thought she was pregnant over the past week to which Will responds as if nothing happened. George hates him for this for this and they cool off for sometime. Nancy sees Ned hugging Bess in her (Bess') room and she freaks out, knowing she still had feelings for Ned. However, Bess also feels something for Ned but is afraid to spill it out for fear of losing Nancy's friendship. The mystery is a lot like Nancy Drew Files: Out of Bounds. There are, however, a few differences. The sport is running and they take caffeine pills. not steroids. Anyway, Rick (a member of the team) collapses in Club Z. He nearly dies and Nancy is determined to find out what caused this. Along the way, she gets acquainted with Judd, one of the best players and eventually, they end up being together in the end. Bess also smooths out her friendship again with Nancy. Oh, one more thing, there was also a girl named Stephanie (dubbed as the biggest flirt) who has a boyfriend. She says staying faithful to him is hard for her so she asks Nancy for advice. nancy tells her about commitment. However, Stephanie thinks of marriage. Stephanie and her boyfriend plan to get married on Wednesday. When Nancy is informed of this, she tells Stephanie to wait but the girl refuses...

Christmas party (Paskong Kristyano)
We attended this party a while ago. It was the Christmas party of a church in San Agustin. It was fun. :D

That's all for now. See you~

Thursday, December 20, 2007

3rd year Christmas party

We had our Christmas party a while ago. There were no games; just food and gifts. We had some music: Jose Mari Chan's. It was fun, all in all. Here's what we ate:

Baked macaroni
Leche flan
Fruit salad
Fried chicken
Softdrinks (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew)

Exchange gifts:

Moses - Fhabs - Marylynn - Marvin - Regina - Igal - Joshua - Aldwin - Aldrin - Daniel - Geneva - Carmine - Sir Q - Gerard - Moses

Reuel - Marco - Reuel

There really is fun in there and I received a nice blue jacket!

Monday, December 17, 2007

First day of exams

We had Chemistry and TLE a while. Fairly easy, except with TLE. Gosh, I had 4 wrong answers already (which is, by the way, unforgivable) brought about by foolishness. Anyway, I am exempted from taking a test in Filipino tomorrow. I hope I'm going to breeze through English tomorrow. It's going to be fun.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The five-minute rule

We had our Bible musical practice a while ago. It was supposed to start at eight but due to intuition, I came at 8:30AM. To my surprise, only one was there, Aldrin. I hurried over to find out that he was about to go home when I arrived. Phew! I texted the others and soon, Carmine came. She asked Aldrin and me what time we came. He said 8:25. I arrived at 8:30. Carmine arrived at 8:35. There was a period of five minutes in between. We thought it was just pure coincidence until Regina came at 8:40. We were amazed. A consecutive five-minute period in each arrival? That was super! After that, Regina, Carmine, and I walked to find a store. As we were walking, a tricycle passed by. I quickly recognized the passenger to be Aldwin, another one of my classmates. I checked the time. It was 8:45. *sigh* It really isn't pure coincidence at all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First post on a new blog

Hi there! It's been a long time since I've posted in Blogger. I've deleted my last blog because it's been neglected for sometime now so I've decided to create a new one. I hope this blog would be more informative compared to the first one. I've decided to keep a journal of my own in a notebook I bought. It's really great to be able to vent out your feelings there. To be more open to people, I've decided to make this new blog. It contains more of "me" into it. I'll change the layout some other time when I can already personalize my blog layouts. Anyway, for a first post, here's a poem I made for our Christmas card project in Filipino. I've never really thought of a title for it but...

Huling buwan ng taon
Maraming nakatuon
Sa araw ng Pasko
Maraming regalo

Lahat ay abala
Sa araw ng tala
Ngunit alam pa ba
Kung sino talaga?

Noong unang panahon
Mahal nating Poon
Ipinadala sa daigdig
Kanyang anak na ibig

Ipinanganak sa sabsaban
Minahal ng karamihan
Nagbigay ng kayamanan
Tatlong kalalakihan

Siya ay si Kristo
Matalinong totoo
Dumating sa mundo
May dalang pangako

Sa sakrispisyo niya’y
Walang makapantay
Kanyang kamataya’y
Nagdala ng buhay

Kaya’t ating tandaan
Huwag kalilimutan
Ngayong Kapaskuhan
Si Hesus ang dahilan

There! Is that good enough? I do hope it is, though. :D Anyway, that's all for now. Bye bye~