Saturday, June 25, 2011

OmO. :3

Hello, hello! Today, we went shopping and I bought two cutesy items!

First up is a key chain from Comic Alley. That girl with the long, blonde hair is Tsumugi Kotobuki (Mugi, for short) from the anime K-On! She's, obviously, the keyboardist of Hokago Tea Time. My bunch of friends said I'm like her for these reasons: (1) she plays the keyboard, and (2) she is demure but easily excitable (nyah~). She's also a rich girl and brings tea and dessert for the club (her father owns a maid cafe, nyao).

The second thing is... a book! Yeah, some people may not consider that cutesy, but it's cute for me. Heehee.

The book on the right is Mermaid in the Basement by Gilbert Morris. I have never heard of Morris until a couple of hours ago. I bought the book because it was interesting: (1) it's set in 1800 (I think?) London, (2) the lead character is female, (3) it's a detective story, and (4) I smell romance in the corner. Haha! I was actually in a pinch when I bought this because there were two other interesting books: The Phantom Tollbooth and The Mistress of the Art of Death. Meh, the latter title is really piquing my interest... But it costs 115 pesos and that's the end of the dilemma. :P

Anyway, I also saw a lot of interesting things in the mall: a two-finger ring with a skull design (which is so Sunako Nakahara), cute pencil cases, a wolf plushie (so adorable~), Gundam OO merchandise (finally!), and a poster of a topless Kurosaki Ichigo with nun chucks. Haha!


  1. i'm pretty sure it was either her parent's friends cafe

    1. forget the "either" part. don't know why i wrote that