Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Review - Three for the Chair by Rex Stout

Rating: 10/10

Three for the Chair contains three stories starring Nero Wolfe and his assistant, Archie Goodwin. The first, "A Window for Death," involves a pretty nurse, a squabbling family, and the mysterious death of Bert Fyfe. "Immune to Murder" brings Wolfe and Archie to the Adirondacks where the famous detective is asked to cook trout for an ambassador. But things start to go awry when Archie discovers a dead body during a fishing expedition. Finally, Wolfe and Archie are suspects in a murder investigation in "Too Many Detectives."

As I mentioned before, I have started to like Nero Wolfe and how he does his work. A secretive man, much like Sherlock Holmes, his methods are irregular but his results are always astounding.

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